Friday, 11 January 2008


I'm tired. This week has been so hectic. I can't belive everythings that as happened.

I've got my first science GCSE exam next week so the teachers are pileing on the work, I've been revising all week. Tomorow I'm going to my friends to revise some more.

Right now, my sisters friends are over for a sleepover at ours. They're watching Jaws and coverering they're faces with duvets, pillows, old barrals, whatever they can get there hands on. They're talking about some guy at school and who wants to go out with him most or something. 13 year old girls are strange.

When I came back from Brazil, and came back to school, my friend wasn't there and I didn't think much off it because she would probably be on holiday or something. I didn't ask anyone because I thought they would laugh at me for being stupid. Then, on Wednesday I think, my tutor called me up to the front when everyone else was messing about and said "You're good friends' with this girl, arn't you?" I nodded, wondering why he was telling me this, then he said "Jess, she's been in a skiing acsident. Thats why she hasn't been at school. She's been in hospital in Austria and she came home yesterday."

I need to ring her. I haven't yet because I'm not so sure what to say to her. I promise to ring her tomorow.

Well, I hope you've had a good week and are going to have a great weekend.

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