Sunday, 30 September 2007

Last Day

Hey guys,
Its the last day of September today. I love the last day of the month. I dunno why, but something good always seems to happen to me on the last day.

Oh by the way everyone, I'm currently making a new website on freewebs. Its not open yet, but you can still visit it if you want. Its a bit of a mess at the moment, but its getting there.

Thats all I really have to say today.


Saturday, 29 September 2007


Computers. Do they cause arguments in your house? I'm so happy to have got my own computer now, it saves me so much, well, voice.

Ok, let me set the scene. This is a play of what happens:

PianoGirl: (shouting) BLAH BLAH BLAH I HATE YOU ALL!

[Next day]

PianoGirl: (to mum) Am I still band from the computer?
Mum: Yes.
[enter dad]
Dad: HELLPP! I've downloaded 70 million viruses, brought an abba CD in chinese and wiped everything off my iPod which is now frozen.
Mum: [to pianogirl] Go and help him then!
PianoGirl: Arn't I band?
Mum: Oh yeah...Oh dear...Don't worry then, I'll help him sort it out.

[a few minets later]

[Enter mum and dad together running]

PianoGirl: I'm not sure I want to now.
PianoGirl: Oh, ok then

See what I mean, they complain at me 24/7 then expect me to help them. That the main way for getting my computer back. I've been band for life a few times. Haha.

Anyway, enough on computers.
I have to go kidnap my sister


Friday, 28 September 2007


Hey guys,
It's 11.21. My whole familys in bed asleep. I'm in bed, but I'm typing on here instead.

Right so, I'm not tired in the slightest. I dunno why, because I was shattered earlyer but right now I'm wide awake. So, I was like...Hmmm what should I do.

I'm not allowed out of my room at night. Mums scared I'll eat all the food or try to kill the dog. So, I grabbed some make up and put loads on. I was taking pictures with my phone of myself. Some of them look a bit dirty because I was only wearing my underwear. I plan to remove them before anyone ever sees them.

Anyway, I'd finshed messing around with my phone and make up so I was like, "I know, I'll take this make up off and blog on my laptop." So, I looked around in my drawer for some make up remover but guess what. I've run out.

In panic I ran to my sisters room and tryed to look around it without waking her up. Shes got none eather.

So, I'm in bed, looking like a total I'm-Trying-Too-Hard-Slut. Plus, when I wake up tomorow it will be all down my face and I'll have to hold 17 hosepipes to my eye to get the think mascara and eyeliner off.

Plus, mum will think I've been out partying or something and give me a lecure about the dangers of sneaking out the house at night.

I'm board now.

I'll talk to you tomorow.



I hate rugby.

I was happily watching a bucket o french & saunders when my dad came in and insisted on watchin the rugby world cup.

I tried to defend my case, I even tried to ring my lawyer, but dad was just too good for me.


I don't even understand rugby. To me, it just looks like a bunch of guys beating each other up. Whats wrong with that? You may ask. Well, my friends, I'll tell you whats wrong with it. When your dad watches this "sport" 24/7. Plus boxing. Okay, I may pick up some ways of defending myself when my sister trys to murder me in my sleep, but other than tha t its pretty boaring.

Right, enough with rugby.

What should I write about now? I don't really have anything to say. But the rugby still isn't over so I must keep going.

Oh god. Someone kill me. My dads not insisting on watching the INTERVIEWS! The INTERVIEWS! I'm sorry but this is outragaus. I don't want to sit here and listen to jonny wilkinson talking about how badly he was ingured and yet he still managed to throw the sqashed ball over the top of that big H.

I want to watch something useful :(

Just think, I could be watching something highly educational like Friday Night with Jonathen Ross or the eastenders I sky plus-ed. Or, the eastenders my friend sky plus-ed. My family are such cheepskates they won't pay like £30 a month. That £30 would secure my future happyness. There always after ways to get rid of me, they don't think that buying that tiny little sky + box would perminalty get me out of there lives.

I guess they brought this laptop to start getting rid of me. I'm guessing there hoping I'll find a house on the internet and move there, other than that there hoping I'll lock myself in my room for hours chatting to some 70 year old man I'd never met.

Mwa ha ha I saw straght through there master plan. They thought they were so smart. I bet they keep the papers with complicated graphs under there bed searching for new ways to get me out.

I'm far to smart for them.

Aww I'm tired, I can't wait for my lie in tomrrow. Unless someone wakes me up. I HATE it when that happens. Last week it was my brother in my room trying to steal my laptop and download millions of viruses.

I wish I could have a morning with no random hovers shooting round my room, no little brothers trying to get my laptop, no sisters screaming that they hate us all.

Right I'm off to bed.
Hope you've had a good day :]


Romeo & Juliet

Told you I'd be back :]

I'm supposed to be doing an english essay about Romeo & Juliet. But, as I'm sure you would agree, that is incredably boaring.

I mean, I'm sure it would be a good like, moden day drama. That whole thing about the two familys argueing and them falling in love would be awesome. Plus the whole thing with them killing themselfs at the end would be good. But I just think Shakespeare is such a complicated writer. I'm sure he was a good writer in his time but I mean, does he have to use like 10 word when he could have wrote 1.

I mean, I really like if in moden day someone said "the cat sat on the mat"

In Shakespeare speak it would be
"As thy darkened creature in thy shape of thy feline sank thy backside onto thy rounded floor decoration"

Hah. Maybe not quite like that but very similar. I had to study a Shakespeare play for my S.A.T's last year, I did Richard Third. It was the most deppressing subject in the whole entire world. I mean, absoluty everyone dies. Including Richard. Even though Richard killed most of them.

Anyway, back to Romeo & Juliet. This plays less deppressing than Richard. I mean, at least they get some happyness before they top themselves. I don't know the play probably, I mean, I've only been studying it for like 4 lessons. Plus homework. Oh God. No...Thou shalt not complain about homework. Hehe.

Okay, I can't think of what to say...


*Looks at list of things to write about if you can't think of anything*

Right...I'm gonna do a ATM thingy. Here goes,

ATM (At The Moment)

  • Seeing: Well, my laptop, obvisoly. My mum and dad and sitting on the sofa, and Neighbours on on the TV.
  • Hearing: Neigbours on the TV and mum and dad chatting.
  • Thinking: about the little hamster running around in my head.
  • Being annoyed by: Alfies scrawwny little feet against the wooden floor.
  • Wishing: Little fairys would come and extend the weekend to about 75 years and do all my homework.

Yes, well, I'm off now. I think I've waisted enough of your time. :D


Gravity - Embrace

Gravity - Embrace

Honey, its been a long time coming,
And I can't stop now.
Such a long time running,
And I can't stop now.
Do you hear my heart beating?
Can you hear that sound?
'Cause I can't help thinking,
And I don't look down.

And then I looked up at the sun and I could see,
All the ways that gravity turns for you and me.
And they I looked up at the sky and the sun,
And the way that gravity pulls on everyone,
On everyone...

Baby, its been a long time waiting,
Such a long, long time.
And I can't stop smiling,
No I can't stop now.
Do you hear my heart beating?
Oh, can you hear that sound?
'Cause I can't help crying,
And I won't look down.

And then I looked up at the sun and I could see,
All the way that gravity turns on you and me.
And then I looked up at the sky and saw the sun,
And the way that gravity pulls on you and I,
On you and I...

Can you hear my heart beating?
Aw, do you hear that sound?
'Cause I can't help crying,
And I won't look down.

In case you didn't notice, those are the lyrics the song above. Download it, its a really cool song. I think coldplay did it first, but I personally think that the Embrace version is better.

I wrote all those lyrics out myself, I'm pretty proud of myself. I know all the lyrics off by heart :].

So, back to the major part of this blog.
Well, its Friday.

I think this is the first time I've blogged on a Friday. Theres something you ought to know about Fridays.

I <3>

It is the best day of the week. Honesly, theres nothing to not like about it. Theres amazing TV, and no more school for like, 2 daysssssss.

:D :D :D :D

I'll probably blog later.


Thursday, 27 September 2007


Hey guyss!!

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday, I had a enomous amount of corsework amount of corsework to do. I had to write a 2000 word essay on my life.

Honestly. My life. Why on earth would anyone want to hear about that?? Ok, maybe they would if I was a super hero who saved the world from evil purple aliens last week and still got home before tea time. Or if my parents were both FBI agents and spend there time hunting down bad guys who plan to take over the world.

Nope, my life is plain and boaring.

Okay. Today is reallyyyy not my day. My computer just restarted itself. Lucky, the clever people at have autosaved my blog.

Plus, my laptops being annoying and these stupid messages keep coming up telling me my life is over and I'm doomed for etenaty.

Ok, not quite but close enough.

Right, lets find something interesting to talk about.

Neighbours. Ooo whats happening tomorrow?

Hang on I'll look...

*Goes onto Neighbours website and reads*

Ahh nothing exiting, Bree likes her bioligical father, oliver sets fire to the DNA results ect. Not partically exiting. I really want Dee to come back, they never found her body did they? Ohh that would be awesome!

Ooo guess what! I got out of all my detentions today! I was so good in tutor time and I sat there not talking like a good little girl he said he would let me off!! Horraayyy!! I might have messed it up a bit in afternoon registration but I'll live, hes so old and sweaty he would have forgoten by the morning.

Awww I'm shattered. Honestly, I could just fall asleep on the sofa where I'm sitting. I know, I'll make another list.


Things I don't understand - By PianoGirl
  • Spiderman - Man or spider? And why spider? Why couldn't an ape have bitten the skinny guy and he could grow hair and swing thought trees. That would be a AWESOME power. Better than a stupid spider. And, why does he have 2 legs instead of 8?
  • Water - Ok, everyones like "ooo water is cleearr" how come you can see it? I mean, you don't walk up to a glass of water and say "oh. That glass has nothing in it. I will throw it on the floor. Man, I hope theres no water in there I can't currently see." But, if water was clear it would look pretty cool. Exept you wouldn't know were it was. But still, it would look damn cool.

I can't think of anything else at this particalar moment. My eyes feel like they have sevral million weighs on them. Even though its pretty early, I haven't been sleeping. Probably the stress of all the damn work I've got to do.

Plus my sisters staring and me and I'm pretty scared of what she might do to me.

Auvoir amigo!!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007


I'm waiting for my sister to let me go on the sims, so I thought I'd blog while I wait!
I love the sims, its like my all time faverout video game. The only thing is, in like year 4+5 EVERYONE played the sims. I always used to get left out because I never played it. Now, none of my friends play it, and I love it! Oh, guess what, I'm going to Austria with my friend soon. I'm so excited, we made the final plans today. Its awesome. They've got a house there, I've never been skiing before, but she will teach me. Have I writen about this before? I'm having a bit of deja vu right now.

I hate deja vu. I've been having it loads recently and its really annoying. Grrr...

Right what's the time

*looks at clock at bottom of screen*

18:54. So thats almost 7pm.

I can go on the sims at 7:15.

Thats 15 mins.

Good maths there girl!

Lol...Really, I'm joking....

Right, I don't really have much to say (OMMGGG) so I'm just gonna blabber on for the following 15 mins of my life. I must recomend that you stop reading here and visit another blog worth reading.

Okay, Have any of you had pet spiders? I had one when I was like 5. Ohh oh and I had a imaginary friend. His name was Fred. He lived in the fireplace and everytime we had a fire I'd spend ages there building him a new house. God...I was one sad child.

Have any of you ever played Harry Potter? I still play it now, haha. Oh god, now I bet you think I'm some sad act who spends her time with geeky friends who spend there time reading and doing su du ku. I promise I'm not. My friends are really pretty awesome, we just are a bit immature. I hate it when people try to act older than there age. I have got to be several years younger.

Right so back to Harry Potter. It is honestly very fun, especally duelling. But maybe not if your in mid-spell when a huge bus full of people drive past. That has happened to me many times. I don't really mind though, I find it pretty funny watching them.

OO I loved the last Harry Potter book, omg it was so good. I'm not saying more than that. I don't want to spoil it for all the people who haven't finished yet.

Time check....


WTF! It feels like I've been typing for ages. My fingers are even starting to hurt. Does typing make you lose weight? That would be pretty damn cooool.

Right...something to say....hmmm....oohhh I can't think of anything. Someone should make a website about what to talk about if you cant think of anything...:o Thats an idea! I'll do one now!!

PianoGirls list of things to talk about if you can't think of anything.
  • How much you hate your teachers
  • Music
  • What you can see at that particlar moment
  • The last thing you did to mentally harm your parents
  • If your vertically challenged or not
  • The amount of homework your STUPID teachers set you
  • What you did at the weekend
  • How cool are these bullet points??
  • Sorry
  • Back to the point
  • make a list of things to talk about if you cant think of anything
  • write about what your waiting for
  • ask useless questions
  • useless facts
  • your faverout sites
  • king kong
  • the utter coolness of
  • the utter coolness of the owner of the above site
  • your bus

Wheeey...thats a pretty good list I've got there, and its waisted...

*looks at clock*

around 5 mins!!!


Come on guys, we can do this!

Wait, I need to put aside time for saving this blog and putting my laptop to sleep. How long will that take??

*thinks hard*

about 2 mins would you say? Including the time it takes me to get into my sisters room and force her off the computer. Yep...Pretty good at estimating arn't I? Hehe!

Oh bloody hell! Its quater past!

Best be off...Sims here I come :]


All my teachers went crazy today. I'm not even joking, they honestly went insane. To start with, I had food tecnology. I was cooking. Bad idea, whoever thought it was safe to let me run wild in a kitchen was obvisily seriosly demented, or had just had a brain transplant with a cow. Anyway, everything was going pretty well, I'd remebered to tie my hair up, and wash my hands. Then I looked at the recipe I had to cook, you had to fry something. I have a hisory with frying things, and its not a nice one. So I was pretty scared...I managed to set it on fire. I didn't even lob the pan in the sink like any normal person, oh no, I just stood there, screaming my head off. The teacher carmed me down, then told me to stop cooking and get out the kitchen. But it wasn't like that. It was more like: "Ohhhh don't worrry, you're fine, honestly, nothing to worry get the hell out of my kitchen" She then proceded to warn everyone about the dangers of leaving plain oil in a frying pan without putting anything else in there. If she had told us that before I set my pan on fire, we wouldn't have this problem.

Maths was as bad as usual. No wait, it was 3 gazzilion times worse. I got moved. MOVED!! I'm sorry, but I was outraged! He said it was because of my talking. So I told him I would have to shout instead. He wasn't happy, but everyone else thought it was funny. And, last lesson I gave him my exersize book, and hes gone and lost it, now he has the nerve to blame me! I hate him more than anything else in the world.

We had to debate in Media Studies, I love debates. It is one of the few things where I get praise for talking none stop and aruging. Haha, whoever made up debates was just like me :].

I had my detentions, that weren't too bad. He told me I'd got better :o:o:o. I was pretty happy with myself untill I arrived at tutor and my anger came straght back to me. I managed to get 2 more detentions for tomorow. Grrr....

Anyway, I've decided to stuff my "only one blog a day" rule. It sucks. I like writing as much as I want. Theres enough rules at school anyway, I don't need anymore anyway.

Monday, 24 September 2007


Yes, I know this is my 3rd blog today. I told you I always have 1 million things to say!! Okay, I've got to try and limit myself. I'm only aloud to blog once a day. In the evenings, thats past 8.00pm. Yeah, then I'll be able to put everything in one huge blog.

Well, today I went to college as normal. Serously, the weather this morning was rediclous. It was chucking it down with rain, windy and cold. Lucky, I take the bus so I only had to wait at the bus stop. Some people walk...hahaha....they got soaked. They are all my friends, but they did stick there fingers up at me as I drove past, bone dry, in the bus and they fought though the wind.

Yeah, so that was a pretty bad start. Esspecally as its a monday. Then I had the worst lessons ever. Exept for a few, some were okay. I honestly lost the will to live in math. I hate math more than anything. Last year was good, we had a really cool teacher. This year I have a teacher who I hate. Its so boaring. Then I had my double detentions. I had to sit there for about 1 hour. I told the teacher I hated his guts. That got me kept longer, but it was pretty funny while it lasted. I have another 2 tomorow. I think teachers had a grudge against me. They all seem to be dishing out detentions at every given opertunity.

I'm cooking tomorow. I can't belive I took food technology for a GCSE. I really can't cook, but I try my best. At least its a practical subject where you don't just have to sit there in scilence copying out of textbooks. I hate that, its so boaring. I have this huge thing agaisnt being board. I just can't stand it. Thats why I get in trouble the whole time. Whenever I'm board, I talk, but I'm board most of the time at college, so I talk a lot.

Has anyone ever been skiing? My friend has just invited me to go with her. I've never been before, I'm scared. Shes not the most caring friend in the world. She'll probably just throw me down the mountain and hope I survive. Thats how great my friends are. Haha. Nahh, I'm joking, shes a great mate and all, we just joke around with doing things like that.

Just so you know, I'm sick of the layout of my blog already. Its just black. Thats another thing you should learn about me. I change my mind the wholleee time. No matter how much I love something, within a week, maybe a month if its really nice, I'll want something new. As I'm only just learning about this whole blogging thing, I'll just use one of the ready made templates, there must be a way of changeing it to a layout you've made. Isn't there?

About Mee..

Well, today I realised I haven't yet writen about myself. So, hear goes...

My name on here is PianoGirl. I'm pretty wary about letting out information on the internet. So I don't give out my real name. If you want to call me something, PianoGirls the name. I play the piano (hence the name PianoGirl.) I go to college and I am going to take my GCSE's this year. I am putting myself infor upto 12 GCSE's. I don't want to carry on with school after I leave College, I want to train to be a hairdresser instead.

I'm our house you can find my brother, sister, both my parents and my dog, Alfie. I love my family, but I don't like dogs, so my sister and mum have trained Alfie to stay away from me. I have loads of friends, and I see most of them at college every day.

At weekends, I love going out with my friends. I go to see movies, or go shopping. I love films so I watch them whenever I can. I also love music, I listen to all types. My faverout film of all time is Bugsy Malone, or Jaws. My faverot band is Oasis, although I listen to everything I can.

I watch too much TV. I love watching soaps, like Neighbours, Corrination Street, and Holyoaks. I also talk way too much. Thats part of the reason I set up this blog. I always have 1 million things to say so I figured this would be a good way to let it all out.

I have a really strange sence of humor, and I always laugh at the jokes no one else finds funny. Most people like me for always being postive. I'm always getting into trouble for one thing or another. Most of the time its for talking. I love meeting new people.

Well, thats all there is really. If you want me in a few words, I'm a kind, positive, loud person who loves her life and all the people in it!


I'm so tired. I had to wake up at 6.30am this morning to get to college. Plus, I had 2 detentions in one day! 2! I have another 2 tomorrow aswell. The teachers don't like me, they say I talk to much. I don't like them much eather. I get into trouble loads recently. I even got in a argument with some girl I'd never met before. I'm not a horrible person. I just talk to much, yeah I think thats my problem.

Anyway, I logged onto bebo today as I always do to check my messages and stuff. So I found this message some girl I'd never met before had left me. It was like "OMGG!! Why the helll has ma bf been givin u love nd stuffff" I mean, I'd never even met this girl before. So, I went on her bebo to see who she was and I found, from her profile, that her boyfriend was a guy in my ICT class who I'd spoken to a few times and we had become friends. He had given me love on bebo, but I mean, it wasn't like he was asking me out or anything! It was just like friendly love. Haha.

Yeah, so I was looking though her messages and I found this convosation between her and some guy talking about me. It was like, talking about what a slut I was taking other peoples boyfriends! WTF! I never took him from her, we're not even together! Haha, it made me laugh so much I couldn't trust myself to leave her a message. Oh well, it makes me laugh sometimes how people are so stupid they think that just because some people are friends that there together.


Sunday, 23 September 2007


Okay, you'll have probably noticed from the name of this blog I play the piano. I have lessons once a week, and I really enjoy them. I can play a lot of popular songs and I really enjoy it.

Diffrent members of my family try to make me play differnent things. My younger sister, who is into pop music, begs me to look for random popular songs so she can sit becide me, shout the words out and pretend shes Rihanna or something. My Nan however, begs me to play classical peices. You know, Hyms or whatever. The rest of my family don't really care what I play, just as long as its good although Mum tends to be happy if I play some thing from old musicals like "Don't cry for me argentina" or something. My 9 year old brother would like me to play something like James Bond or Star Wars, but doesn't try to force me into it.

None of them want to know what I acctully want to play. I tend to play jazzy blues, or rags. Sometimes I play songs I know, like from musicals and stuff.

Well, I was wondering...
1. If you do play the piano, what sort of stuff do you play?
2. If you don't play the piano, what sort of thing would you like to hear someone else play?

Anyway, thats my blog for today, and I think, my 2nd blog ever! Hah!
Byee x


Ok, I'm a teenager, so I guess I know what its like to be one.

But I hate it when adults read those books called stuff like "How Teenagers Think" or whatever. Why don't they just talk to us?? I mean, were not animals that have to be learnt about. We're people just like everyone else. People steryotype us as grumpy, horrible, lazy people who spend our time taking drugs and getting drunk. Some people do, but most of us don't. All teenagers are diffrent. You can't just learn about how we think from one book. People don't TALK to us, they just do stupid scientific tests that claim to prove how we think.

I wish people would learn that if they got to know us, and earn't our respect, we would just be like everyone else.