Thursday, 13 December 2007


Hey guys,
Gonna be away for a couple of weeks, so no blogs during that time
Have a good Christmas!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

When you're feeling crap...

When something bad happens to you, theres only so much you can do.

Of course number one is to put your head down and get on with it. Sometimes you just have to do this. If you do, theres only a few things you can do. Keep your head high, never let the see you fall and even if its killing you inside, keep going with it. Remeber how georgous you are. Think of your good points and nothing else. Keep your head high, babe, they would kill to see you fall.

This will get you through life, if your really struggling. Get home, get to your pilliow and scream the pain away.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Current poll results

Hey everyone.

It's Sunday night and I have a bit of time so I thought I'd leave a new blog.

For the first time since I put the polls out, I've looked at the results. Here are the rusults at the moment:

Do you link ugg boots?
14 % of you don't know what they are.
14 % of you don't like them.
71 % of you like them.
0 % of you kinda like them.

Whats the best xmas song?
0 % of you like a xmas song thats not on the list.
12 % of you like jingle bells best.
12 % of you like santa claus is coming to town best.
25 % of you like jingle bell rock best.
50 % of you like all I want for christmas is you best.

Should I get some more people to write to this blog?
50 % of you said yes.
50 % of you said no.

I'll put up the final results after the polls reach the end dates.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Talk soon

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't been blogging this week. I have reasons, but there the same as all the others. Just read my past blogs.

I don't really have anything to say. Just thought I'd blog to say hi =]

Talk soon.

Sunday, 2 December 2007


Hey guys,
I'm got some hilarous jokes for you guys.

Warning: These jokes will offend some people. I'm not a rasist, sexist, or anything like that. I just like bad-taist jokes. If you don't PLEASE don't read these. I don't mean to offend anyone.

Clean jokes

Why did the girl fall off the swings?
She had no arms.

See if you can get this one:
Mary Rose sat on a pin Mary rose.

Whats the diffrence bettween toast & the French?
You can make soilders out of toast.

Why do houses have red roofs?
To keep the rain out, why else?

Two people were driving...through a city they've never been to before. The city had a very complicated name, and the two people were arguing over how you pronounce this. They pull up to a fast food resturant to get some food, and then they ask they guy at the counter to settle there argument. One of them says to him "Exuse me sir, could you please say where we are very slowly and clearly?". The guy looks at them, then says "Buurrggeeerrr Kinnggggg"

Dirty jokes
These jokes are dirty, and not sutable for younger ages. But they are so funny.

Why is Santas sack so big?
He only comes once a year.

Things Yoda says before, during, and after sex.
"Ahhh! It's Yoda's little friend you seek!"
"Nerrrm. Put a shield on my sabre, I must."
"Feel the force!"
"Foreplay, cuddling: a Jedi craves not these things."
"Down here, I am. Find a ladder, I will!"
"Early must I rise. Leave now, you shall!"
"Happens to every guy sometimes, this does."
"When 900 years old you get, Viagra you need too, hmmmmm?"
"Ow, ow, OW! On my ear, you are!"
"Who's the Jedi Master? Who's the Jedi Master!?!"

That's all I'm giving you. If you want some really bad taist or rasist jokes, email me! I have loads. But I don't want to offend anyone by putting them on here.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

About me 2

A lot has changed since my last about me blog (September some time) so here's another one...

Well, my name's Jessica, but you can call me Jess. I was born on the 10/02/1993 making me currently 14. I live in the UK with my family, and currently attend secondary school where I am studing for my GCSE's.

In my spare time I love to go out with my friends, listen to music, play my piano and blog on this site. I have a strage taist in music, I love everything, exept the really hard rock stuff.

I complain way too much, you will know that if you read my blogs. I'm a positive person with all my friends, but on here I like to let go about things. People also tend to get offended by the things I say, but I promise I don't mean to offend anyone.

I am dyslexic, which means I find writing, reading and spelling hard. On this blog I tend to use a spell check so my spellings pretty good.

New post writers?

Today, I thought, you guys must be pretty board with just me writing to this blog.
So, I thought, why not get some new people?
I dunno if you want new writers on this blog though, so I'm putting up a poll. This poll will end the day I get back from holiday, so when I get home I can decide.

Get voting!

Friday, 30 November 2007

Flaming family

Alright, I'm shattered at the moment.

It's been a tough week. I've had 2 corsework essays and one speaking and listening assignment to work on. I've also had to find time to work on my website, practice my piano and spend time with friends. I'm so glad it's the weekend and I can catch up on some sleep.

I had my speaking and listening assignment today. I'm not at all good with taking in front of people, so I was really nervous. I was shaking and everything. It all went well though, I was pretty happy with my performance.

I also had to give in my shakespeare essay corsework, well, I thought I did. I spent hours on it last night, because in my last english lesson they'd said it had to be in on the 30th (today). Then, I arrived at the lesson all ready to give in my essay and my teacher annonced that it didn't have to be in today after all. She'd changed it without telling anyone to next Wednesday. How crap is that?

Have you guys seen my new polls. I've changed quite a lot about my blog today. My older blogs are now at the bottom of the page, and theres a new advertizing section where you can apply to be advertized on this site! Check it out!

So right now, I'm sitting in with my family watching I'm a celebrity get me out of here! It's the final! I love that program, I would recomend it to anyone!

You probably should know, my website is now on hiatus. I don't know when I'll go back to it. I've lost my insperation. If you want a full explination, visit the site.

I'm off now, this weekend I'm doing a load of family crap, so no doubt I'll find a time to come on here and blog about it. Mum doesn't let me go on the computer when we're doing this family stuff. Tomorrow I have to sleep in my sisters room with my cosion while she sleeps in my parents room because we have practicly the whole country over to stay and THERE TAKING MY BED.

I know I said I was going to go, but this has to be said.


Phew, now I've got that outta my system I will go. Can't blog on Saturday, maybe Sunday night.

Have a good weekend!


Whats the best christmas song?

I started a poll about what the best christmas song was, so I decided I should have something on here so you can listen to them. Here's the songs:

1. All I Want For Christmas Is You

2. Jingle Bell Rock

3. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

4. Jingle Bells
Can't find a video, but come on, everyone knows that song!

Potter Puppet Pals

Do any of you know about Potter Puppet Pals?

It's a bunch of videos on youtube that are puppets of the Harry Potter charicters. Here's one of their videos:

Go to youtube and type "Potter puppet pals" for more...

Connie Talbot

A couple of months ago, a show was on here, in Britain, called Britains Got Talent. There was a little girl on there called Connie Talbot. She was only 6 years old, but she was amazing. Here's a video of her singing on Britains Got Talent.

Come on, isn't that amazing? A 6 year old girl can sing that amazingly!

Connies album is out now in Britain, I'm not sure about other countries.
To visit her official website click here.

Get advertized!

Want your website to be advertized on this site?

Comment, or email me on with this information:

Website address:

You're website will appear as a text link on my side bar!

The only thing I ask in return is that you link me on your site before you apply. I will link you for as long as you link me.

This is a great way to get you're site or blog more popular!

- Jess x

Ugg boots

Alright, I know this isn't the biggest conflict on the plant but I was just wondering.

Do you like ugg boots?

Personally, I love them. I brought some like 1 month ago, for the winter. It was expencive, but worth it. The are warm, and nice. I love them to peices. I didn't buy the sheep skin ones though, because I'm morrally against that, but they are flaming awesome.

Tell me what you think! I'm putting a poll up straght after I publish this post!


Thursday, 29 November 2007


Alright, I know yesterday I told you I would blog about whats up with me, so here it goes.

For the last couple of weeks, me and this girl have been talking loads. I never really knew her before, but then I found her really funny.

We have one of those friendships where you're both really harsh to each other, but it a joke way. If you know what I mean. Well, thats what I thought.

Then, yesterday, I was talking to my mate. She was asking if I was friends with this girl and how close we are. I said that, yeah, we were close.

My mate then started telling me that when she was getting changed for PE with her, she'd heard her saying stuff to my other friends about me, but not i a joke way. She was saying I was a idiot and I needed to learn how to spell and stuff. (I'm dyslexic, so I find spelling hard. I use a spell check on this blog.)

I was really hurt by this, I honestly thought we were friends. Then I started thinking about maybe she had ment in a joke way, and my mate hadn't caught on. I was so confused about what she ment.

I didn't mention it to her today. I decided it was best if I didn't. I dunno what she ment. So, yeah, I'm over it now.

I'll blog later about my day etc.


Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Feeling blue

Hi guys,
God I haven't had a good day today.
I'll tell you about it tomorow, not now. I'm too upset and tired :(


Alright dudes,

How's your week been? I've been at school all week, too busy to do anything else. Its sucks.

All the year 11s are doing there GCSE mock exams, so we're all being pushed to the side for them at the moment. It's not to bad though, we can get away with anything!

Also, I'm thinking of going to hiatus on my website. I'll still blog, because I love blogging, but yeah. I thought I'd let you know before it happens, GET ORDERING STUFF WHILE YOU CAN!

Alright, better be off. I have to go do corsework!

Bye guys!

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Hate comments

I have tried to be carm about all the hate comments I've been receving after that blog I wrote ("I don't know anyone anymore") but this one is going over the top:

Anonymous said...
ur parnts h8 u go die no1 will eva care bout u coz ur a fckin retard

How dare you?
You don't know me, my family, or anything else about me. How dare you say that to me?

I'm not sinking to your level.

To the people who have writen nice, supportive comments.
Thankyou x


Hey guys,
How has your weekend been? I've spent mine catching up on my corsework and homework. Thats all I seem to be doing at the moment. I am currently writing a essay on Romeo and Juliet. I'm taking a break now. I start my food technology corsework in January. It sucks. I hate school.

I've also got a splitting headache. I feel awful, and I look awful.

I think I'm going to leave my R & J essay for today. I'll make a start on my Biology. God, what a exciting life I lead.

Anyway, thats my break over for today. I might blog again later today.

Bye everyone.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Nothing nice to say?

Earlyer today, I wrote a blog called "I don't know anyone anymore."
This is one of the many emails and comments I recived from it:

Anonymous said...
that is the most ridiculous crap have ever heard. Just because you like crap like kanye West everone has there own taste just let them get on with it.

P.sMy Chem rock

Here's my reply.

Great, thanks for sharing that piece of information with me.
And, your right, everyone has there own taste.
But, I'm not everyone.
This is my blog on an account I made.
Wanna voice your own opinon? Make your own god damn blog then.

I've removed all the comments except the example I used to show you it was a real comment.

Funny poem

There was a young woman from Yealing
Who had a parculiar feeling
She lay on her back
And opened her crack
and pissed all over the celing.

Haha, I heard this today on Brigit Jones diary.
It had me in stiches =]

I don't know anyone anymore.

Warning: This blog may offend you.

What is it with everyone turning emo? I'm sick of it! Can't we find any regular, happy teenagers nowadays!

I'm sick of going on these bebo, myspace and facebook pages with emos on them writing stuff like this:

I'm a emo
and im proud so just dont talk to me about it
i cut my wrists
my life is crap
i have feelings

WTF? Cheer up! Come on emos! You only live once, do you really want to spend them feeling worthless and crap.

I hate emo kids who put pictures on there myspace or whatever of other people with slit wrists ect. Get a life! We don't wanna see that!

Emo music is just as bad. I mean, people like My Chemical Romance are the biggest piece of crap I've heard in my whole life! And whats with the clothes!!??

Black, black, black, black, night, hate, black.

Be bright! Wear nice clothes!

Oh god and ANIME! I'm sorry guys for the language etc but anime is the most:


Come on people, get a life.

Call me a chav, I don't care. I'm proud of who I am. Got a problem with this blog? Click the little x in the right hand corner. I'm not making you stay here.

I hate people like this. I really do. Even if your a happy emo, your a loser. You just do this shit to yourself so you get attention. Wearing black allover? Your a fucking loser. Get a bloody life, or you'll regret it. What the fucks wrong with you people.

Bands & singers like Girls Aloud, Kanye West, Beyonce, anyone who hasn't turned to this emo crap rules. You lot are my role models.

My Chem, Nivana, all you shitty bands suck. Can't you see what your doing to your listeners!

For all the people who have stayed happy, bright and anime free, good for you. You're the only people who are seeing this world for what it really is.

Emos: Think, just think, about what your doing to yourself.

I think I've made my point.

Friday, 23 November 2007


Hey guys,

Firstly, I would like to say sorry for not blogging for a while. It's been really hectic recently. I'll tell you everything later on in the blog...

This week schools been going work mad. On Wednesday our school had an Ofsted expection, so they were piling on the work to try and make us all look good. It turned out well though, and our school got a good result.

On Thursday, I went to see Kanye West live. I left at 4.30pm add didn't arrive home untill 1.00am. It was one of the most awesome nights of my life. I enjoyed every second of it.

Yeah so thats my exuse for not blogging once this week. It's very unlike me! Hehe. I've also had a big domain hosting site. I do have a domain name, but I can't find some free hosting for it. If any of you know of any, please let me know. I really need some. I've looked everywhere.

Also I need some advertizing for my freewebs site, and this blog. Obvisoly, I will advertize your webpage in return, on my freewebs site. I can offer:
  • A visible link on my advertizing page, and your button on a rotation on my homepage.
  • If you wish, exulcive for blog visitors only, I can make you a button for your site (animated or not, you must provide the button base) free of charge. If you would like this, on the button feild in the form, type "Love it!", then the URL of the button base.
  • A text link on this site forever.

Apply on my website, a links on the sidebar.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Just blogging...

Hey guys,
I've spent a very boaring weekend catching up on corsework. I've had to write a media essay and a english essay. Also I have a lot of other homework. I've stopped for the day now though =].

I'm thinking of making a button for this blog, you know, so I can get some proper advertizing. I might do that now. I have animation shop 3 so I can just get a button base off someone I can make one.

I hate Sunday nights. They suck, I have so much to do for school and I really can't be bothered to.
This sucks.

Yeah well, I best be off. I hope you like the new font on here, and take a look at the new layout on my website =].

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Hold you head high, gorgeous, they'd kill to see you fall

I've lost special people in my life. Its taught me this;
  1. Live your life to the full. Laugh untill you cry. Love everyone around you.
  2. Don't let anyone ever tell you your not good enough, even if you agree.
  3. Remeber who you are, its the only thing you truly have that no-one will ever be able to take away.
  4. Follow your instincts.
  5. Don't ever let someone know they've hurt you, even if its killing you inside.
  6. Don't put up with second best.
  7. Keep the good ones. That goes for everything in your world.
  8. Never give up.
  9. Everyone deseves to get somewhere in life.
  10. One more thing. If someones giving you a hard time, hold your head high, gorgeous, they'd kill to see you fall.

I hope you all get where you want to be.

You damn well deseve it.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Boy troubles

So I thought I'd start by talking about my guy troubles.

I hate it when people say that, I find it really patronizing. But seeing as thats the only way I can explain it, yeah, I have "boy troubles".

You know a couple of blogs ago I metioned a guy I liked? I think it was called "advice" or something. Search for it.

Anyway, I have some results. Although, there not very good. First of all, we did the "test" (read about in "advice" blog.) Yeah, so he asked me about it, and I agreed.

So yeah we did it, and after, he went off to carry on with this test we were doing on the computers at the time. Then, about 5 mins later, he came back over to my computer and said "Haha, I want to do it again now."

I made an idiot of myself by saying "I don't it was boring." I thought he was talking about the test we were doing on the computer. Could I have done anything more stupid? I suddenly realised what he was talking about and explained. He seemed okay about it.

Come on guys I need your help! What do I do?

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

To look forward to...

Music: Gimme More - Britney Spears

Sorry about the really short blog I wrote earlyer, I was gonna write more but Coronation Street came on so I had to go.

I acctully have a lot of things to say, so much has happened in the last couple of days. You guys are like my best friends! As soon as something happens I have to tell you!

Aww crap I have to go. Heres the things I plan to blog about, so this is what you have to look forward to =]
  1. Paul Merton live
  2. "Interview" day at school
  3. Guy problems
  4. Parents & little brother
  5. Spice Girls new album
  6. Cornation Street (Rosie)
  7. Neighbours
  8. Waterloo Road

Bye everyone!


Music: 2 Hearts - Kylie Minogue

In case you hadn't realised, I'm going to start writing what song(s) I'm listening to while writing blogs. This is because the songs genrally have a big part in what I'm listening to.

Monday, 12 November 2007

The one Monday I like.

Wow, I really like this Monday. Wanna know why?

1. Well, I've been going on about it for weeks. Got it yet? The Spice Girls! Wooo! I was up at the crack of dawn this morning to download the Greatest Hits! It's a really awesome CD. I would defo recomend it. Its got 2 new singles on it. Download it now! Wooo!

2. You've gotta mention Harry Potter haven't you? Yep, the 5th film came out today. Its a proper good film. I plan to buy it a.s.a.p!

3. I'm a celebrity! I love reality TV in genral, but I'm a celebrity get me out of here is my faverout. I love it so so much. This, my friends, is the best 2 weeks of the year.

4. Well, this doesn't really happen today, but I have to get ready for it today. At my school, they hold occasinal "Enrichment Days" which is where each year does a diffrent activity which will "enrichment" them in later life. So, our year is going to be doing practice interviews. We have to dress up smart. I LOVE dressing up!

Sunday, 11 November 2007


If you have been reading my blogs for a while now, you will probably know I really don't like anime.

Wait, scrap that. I hate anime with all my heart.

I have friends who like it, but I mean, they spend so much money on DVD's and "Manga (whatever that is)" books. What will you do when this whole anime craze is over? They could have done so so much more with that money, but no, they decide to spend it on a stupid cartoon.

There not even nice cartoons. They are some of the most ugly drawings I have ever seen. My friends even fancy some of them. Get a life!

Anime has become way too popular for its own good. Okay, I'm going to type "Anime" into google. Lets see what comes up.

19,500,000 results in 0.17 seconds. Come on? Its not even good!

If you like anime, please please realise you could be spending your money on much worthwhile things. Find something interesting to do. Can't think of anything? Go play in the traffic, you have no life if you can't think of anything worse.

It's Britney Bitch

I really like this song, I've never really thought of listening to Britney Spears before, you know, because of all the bad publicity shes got. But in my opinion, shes really shown she does have talent with this song. The videos not so good, but I couldn't just put the song on here so you'll just have to put up with the video for now.

Since I liked this song, I decided it was time to download some more Britney songs. Shes attully not a bad singer. She has writen some really good songs. I really like, Lucky and Toxic.

Wow, it feels weird being a Britney fan again!

Anyway, more pop news.
Monday. Can't wait!

Saturday, 10 November 2007


Yep, its the Spice Girls new song! Woooo!
Watch the video! Click here!

If thats the first time you've heard it you probably won't like it. Its one of those songs that grows on you.
You've gotta download it though, come on guys. Its the Spice Girls new song!

I can't wait 'till Monday. Thats when the new Greatest Hits album comes out. It has two new songs, including Headlines!
I can't wait. Gotta love the spice girls!

Woooo! Monday! I can't wait!

Friday, 9 November 2007

Shakespeare essay

I'm shattered.

Its midnight and I'm still working on my god damn Shakespeare essay. I have to write 2000 words by Monday. It was only set today! Plus, I'm out tomorow, babysitting tomorow night and out all day Sunday this is the only chance I have to do it. I might even have to take my laptop babysitting with me so I can carry on with it.

I'll write another 500 words then go to sleep. I can't wait!

I've been out all tonight aswell. I went to my friends house with my family. All us kids sat in the living room watching TV. We didn't leave untill about 10:00pm. I need to get this flaming essay done!

Well, better get back to it. Thats my break over.

I have no life :(


Computer power

In my computer class, theres this guy who is this complete computer geneuis and, being the computer boffin he is, he managed to work out how to lock someone elses computer WITHOUT TOUCHING IT.

He tells me this, and I'm thinking "will he use his powers for good or evil?" What was I thinking? Of corse evil! How would he use power over everyone elses computer for good?

What does he do? Tells the guy who sits next to me who lives to annoy me.

Doesn't he know he has unleashed PURE EVIL! Not even regular slightly diluted evil. Nope, 100% pure and simple evil!

So natrally I save all my work and wait for the computer to tell me I've been locked out.

Nothing happens.

Maybe he's forgoten, thinks its too mean, gone crazy, waiting for christmas, I don't know! So I think, aww thankss!! And start working again.

Thats when he turns off the computer.

Hes too clever to do it when I've saved the work. Oh no, he wants me to loose work.

So in my anger, I turn round and scream "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

Then what?

My teacher screams "STOP SHOUTING!"

Any stop hacking into peoples computer causing them to loose work and want to kill themselves? No.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Cold & Corsework

I'm freezing.

I think I might turn into an ice berg. Then they will have to put me in the sea and the Titanic will hit me and I will be the most hated ice berg in all the 7 seas.

I'm serious though, I'm so cold. I'm sitting here, in my big hodie, coat, blanket, furry socks, ugg boots, leg warmers and pj bottoms and I'm still as cold as the most hated ice berg. (The Titanic one.)

My school work is becoming unbeliveable. I spent the day writing essay after essay today. It sucks. I acctully hate school at the moment. My parents don't get it. I mean, in year 9 I went on and on about how I wanted to move schools and stuff, and they never did anything about it. They both did everything they could to put me off the idea. So then I thought, well, if they arn't going to listen to me when I go on and on about it, how about if I only bring it up once in a while. And guess what? They don't flaming listen.

Mum, Dad, if you ever read this, which I doubt you ever will because there isn't a hope in hell I'm ever going to give you the address. Just listen to this:

I love you, but I wish you would listen to me. I know you do what you think is best, but you don't. You treat someone a lot better that you treat me. You know who. I know you think I am over-reacting or whatever but I know, and I've accsepted it.

If you ever read this, I've accsepted it. Stop lying now.

Thanks guys,

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Okay, today was better than expected I must admit. I tryed everything to get out of it this morning.

It started with Religous Studies. Thats alright. I mean, I sit next to this girl and we have such a laugh.

Next was Food Technology. Luckly I wasn't cooking, I cooked yesterday. It went pretty badly, I forgot to put the flour in my macaroni cheese and added it at the last minuet. It ended up really lumpy. But today was just theroy, no harm can be done with pen and paper =D.

Double ICT was crap at first. I think I've told you about the guy I sit next to? Well I had an argument with him the other day and we didn't talk for the whole lesson. Well, I did try to talk to him, but he ignored me. Then at the end we made up, so its all good =D


So yeah, Coronation Streets on now so byeeexxx

New site

Hey guys,
Firstly, I just wanted to let you all no that I've opened a new site. I know what your thinking, "You're always opening new sites" But this one I'm really serious about. I really like the layout, and I've started a blog on there too, so I will be blogging on here and there. Click here to visit it.
Thats all I really wanted to say, so bye everyone!
Make sure you visit my site!

Friday, 2 November 2007


I need your advice on something. Here goes.

I've liked this boy for a while now. I acctully dumped my last boyfriend because of him. Because I've liked him for so long and hes never shown any signs of liking me I decided it was time to move on. So, I hanging out with him and started talking to new guys.

Then today something happened that has left me feeling confused. Here's what happened:

I walked into my english class and he came up to me, put his arm round me and pulled me over to sit with him. This is normal for him, hes not shy.

Then, we started talking and all my old feeling came back. We have such a laugh and I really like him. Then we started talking about this stupid little game we used to do in year 7 or something. We used to touch the other persons leg, and move slowly upwards and the further you let them go, the less frigid you were.

He asked me how far I'd let him go and I said I didn't know. Then he quietened down for the whole lesson. This is weird because hes normaly one of those guys who is talking non-stop.

Then later I was talking to him on MSN and I asked him why he had gone so quiet. He told me that he wanted to do the "frigid test" with me.

That was weird. I mean, we played that game years ago, why did he want to do it again?

He asked me if I would and I said OK because, well, I really like him lmao. Then he started telling me that if he had to sleep with one girl from our year, it would be me.

I know that makes him sound like a bit of a pervert but hes not. Honestly. The problem is that hes always flirty with girls.

What do you recon? Does he like me? Or should I just forget him?
Comment back!

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
For yesterday anyway. I hope you guys had a good one. I didn't go trick or treating, I just stayed in with a few friends and watched movies.

But, to be honest, yesterday was the worst halloween I've ever had. Not becuase of the halloween part of things, but because my best friend really let me down.
Here's what happened.

A couple of days ago, my best friend invited me to go see Joseph & His Tecnicolored Dreamcoat in the west end. I was so excited, that is my all-time fave play. I was looking forward to it so much.

Then, yesterday, my mum sits me down, and says. "Goblinda* (her mum) called, it turns out they never wanted you to go to Joseph with them, instead they want your sister to take your ticket."

What could I say? I wanted to go so bad, but I couldn't now. Even if my sister said she still wanted me to go I still wouldn't. They don't want me there so why should I go? I was so so angry. Not just at my friend, at her whole family. They really cocked up.

Then there was school today. I totally ingored her. I felt crap.

I don't know if I could ever forgive her.

Monday, 29 October 2007


Did you know the devil had a child? I met him yesterday.

I had to babysit the devil child for 5 hours last night. From 7:00pm to 12:00pm. I honestly had lost the will to live by the end. They were lucky they didn't come home to me smacking my head against the microwave untill there was a huge dent in the door.

I arived, on time, like the good little girl I am. The parents exact words were "He's been told he has to be good, or else." Or else what? They would lock him in a room untill he was 89?

So, I went into the living room and sat infront of the TV to watch waterloo road when devil child walked into the room. I asked him what he wanted (not in a "WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!" kind of way. More of a "Whats up?" kind of way.) He said he wanted to stay up for a bit longer but his parents had told me that he had to stay in bed because he had school the next day.

After I had explained that to him, I told him to go to bed. He laughed and sat on the sofa.

I told him to go to bed again, and he just said "yeah, whatever" and carryed on watching. I was a bit annoyed at this point so I told him if he didn't go to bed now, I would tell his parents.

Most normal kids who didn't have the devil as there father would jump up straight away at this threat and go to bed and not get up again. Mini-satan? Nope...

I was annoyed because I wanted to watch waterloo road and he kept on turning it to scooby-doo.

Half an hour later, I told him he really had to get to bed now. He said OK. (I almost fainted from the shock.)

I told him I would go up in 5 mins to check he was okay, so off he went.

5 mins later I went into his room and he wasn't in his room. He just wasn't there. 3 million visions came into my head of me trying to explain to his parents why I'd lost there son.

I looked everywhere. In the bathroom, bedroom, cupboards EVERYWHERE. I was close to screaming, or calling the police, or pulling my hair out. Then out came little devil boy, out of the flipping garden. He was laughing his head off like a little man witch.

I was really angry by now, so I ordered him upstairs in a sort of dictator sort of way. He went, but every time he'd been in bed for 5 mins, he would scream. I ran upstairs every time and he would be laughing. I couldn't ingore it! What if something had happened!

Babysitting sucks :(

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Why do all good things come to an end?

Yeah its a cliche, but its so true.

All my close friendships have come to an end after a few months. I've never had a boyfriend for longer than 2 months, its like I can't keep hold of anything good that happens to me.

All my friends have a "best friend". A person they can tell all there secrets to, and trust, and have a laugh with, and talk to the whole time. I don't have that.

Only one person has ever called me there "best friend". I don't like that person.

What I would like more than anything is to start again. Just be born again. I've done some bad things in my life, and I would do anything to take them back. I won't go into details.

As for the boyfriends thing. You may be thinking "ahh shes only young" Thats not the point. I like having a boyfriend because it means theres always someone to talk to, to share things with, all that stuff.

I think I have a comitment phobia.

Everything I get to close to someone, I push them away again. My last boyfriend and me were fine, untill he started texting me 24/7, calling me the whole time and wanting to see me non-stop. I freaked out and diched him.

I really liked him.

Now, I don't because hes a stupid player.

Back to the point, I just want to meet someone, ither a friend, or boyfriend who I really get on with. Who I can tell everthing to.

I wish I wasn't so damn shy :(

Friday, 26 October 2007


I am so so angry I think I'm going to explode. I honestly am so angry. I need to talk about it and I can't get hold off any friends I trust so I'm gonna have to blog about it. Please remember I am really angry right now.

I have this "friend", I'm not gonna use a fake name becuase using her real one would be mean so I'm gonna call her "B".

B has been annoying me for a while now.

But today she has gone beyond the limit.

Tomorow shes having a get together at her house, all our friends are going, it should be fun.
Then this convosation happened.
(I'm R)

R: So, tomorow, I have to bring my swimming costume and iPod, yes?
B: Yes, and 20p
R: What? Why do we have to bring 20p?
B: Because I told Will if he jumped into my swimming pool everyone at there would give him 20p
R: Well, I'm sorry, but I can't bring 20p

You may think I'm being a bit stingy, but recently I changed my I stopped getting an allowance and got a job. I don't want to borrow money anymore. All my moneys in my bank and I'm sorry, but I didn't agree to this so why should I pay.

B then started saying I could steal the money from my mum. I'm sorry, but I don't steal. Even if its just 20p.

Then she started on about I was "recking" the bet and everyone else was looking forward to it. I never agreed to give anyone 20p.

Pheww, now I feel better.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Blogging for dummies

I've visited a lot of blogs in my time, and the amount of blogs I've found that are quite frankly, boring, is on the up. Heres a little thingy I wrote for how to make sure you blog isn't in the "puts reader to sleep" genre.

  1. dnt tlk lyk dis or LIke ThIs. Its annoying, hard to read, and you look stupid. Try to use correct punctuation and spellings.
  2. Blog frequently. Don't blog everyday for one month then ignore your visitors for a year. Blogging once a day, or once a week is best.
  3. People don't want to know everything about your life. So don't write stuff like this: "well, I got up from my purple duvet. Went down stairs, ate my breckfast. I was really nice. It was toast with jam and a glass of orange juice." The best thing to do is choose a specific thing in your day and write JUST about that, how you felt ect.
  4. Blog about movies and music, your readers can relate to that.
  5. Don't blog about specific people like this: "Ohh mi god i hate jenny shes such a cow but I love herbert, yeahh hes well nice, ohh but godd beth is such a bitch. die beth die." No one wants to no all of that without hearing something to do with what they've done at least.

More coming soon...


I'm gonna be honest with you guys.

Not because I want people to know the truth about why I'm blogging this late, but because I have to get what I'm about to say out of my system and this is the only way to do it without hurting anyone.

First, if anyones looking at the time at the beginning of the blog and thinking "What the hell? Thats not late!" The clock on this blog is wrong. Does anyone know how to sort that?

The real time is 2.30am. I'm blogging this late for many reasons. Here they are...

  • I can't sleep. I don't know whats wrong with me these days, I'm just not sleeping. I hate just lying awake, not doing anything so I have to do something instead. Thats why I blog late, I blog untill I'm tired.
  • My life sucks. I know that sounds bad but I'm having loads of problems at the moment. I think I've told you about my ex-boyfriend problems? Yeah, well its really getting to me and I can't tell people because they'll just say something like "welll, you dumped him, you only have yourself to blame" FOR GODS SAKE! I don't fancy him anymore! Its just irritating that one second hes saying he loves me and I dump him for a week and hes onto the next girl telling her he loves her. I'm sorry but I hate players.
  • This reasons gonna sound really bad, please read my reasons before you jump to conclutions about me. Well, my Gran's staying 'till wednesday. Mum's said I'm not alowed to go out tomorow and she and Dad are at work, so I'm home alone with Gran. I love my Gran, I really do, but I don't like spending days with her. Her theroy of a good time is sitting playing scrabble. I'm sorry but I'd rather be out with my friends. Is that normal? So yeah, I want to have a lie in so I don't have to play scrabble for long. I hope you don't hate me...Please say feeling like this is normal =D

So yeah, theres my reasons. If anyone's got any cures for any of them I would be enternally gratefull.

Just one more thing before I go...

I saw Stardust today!

It was awesome, its a really funny film. I defo recommend it. It worth twice the money!

Bye everyone!

Oh dear...

When I logged onto my blog at I knew what I was gonna write about. I had a whole plan of my next blog because something exciting had happened.

Right now, I can't remeber a thing.

I may aswell be a fish. They only have a memory of 3 seconds don't they?

So now I'm sitting here feeling arquard because this is a totally pointless blog your reading. Some people write about politics or how there day has been, but oh no, I have to write about the fact I have nothing to write.


I need to buy one despratly. Does ebay sell lives nowadays?

I bet as soon as I log off and go out I will remeber. Then I'll draw a little star on my hand to remind me. Then I'll get home and see the little star and think "I drew that star to remind me of something...What was it again?" Its a vicious circle.


People are always like "The brain is better than any computer".


I think I need a brain transplant. Or a memory transplant. Or something. Do they do them in the UK? Probably not, I bet they do them in the US though.

I'm moving to the USA.

Omg, did I just say that?

Well, I'm sure you are all sick of me moaning about my own brain, so I'm off now.


Sunday, 21 October 2007



JK Roling has said she always thought of Dumbledore as gay!

Sorry I just had to say that.

Its true! Go onto google and type "Is Dumbledore gay?"

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Things that annoy me

Here is a list of things that really annoy me.

  1. Selfishness
  2. Close-minded people
  3. Anime
  4. When people get tooo obsessed with things
  5. People who do stupid things for atention
  6. People who blame other people for there mistakes
  7. When my iPod takes ages to load on my speakers
  8. When you can't get comfy
  9. Writing essays about stupid things that you don't need to know
  10. jabs
  11. when your arm hurts
  12. ugly betty
  13. people who go into your room and look through your stuff
  14. people who cry lots at stupid things

Friday, 19 October 2007

Coz you had a bad day...

Hey guys,
I haven't had a good day today so I'm not in the normal happy mood I'm generally in. This isn't just a mood though, I have pretty good reasons for my crappy mood.

First, I had my brace tightened the other day. For those of you who have had braces, you know what it feels like. For those who haven't its like have a toothache on every too on every single tooth in your mouth. It sucks.

The second reason is that I've been having a really crappy time with my ex-boyfriend recently. I dumped him and he wasn't happy with me so hes been doing his best to flirt with new girls in front of me. He also has a new girlfriend, even though we split up less than a week ago. I know I diched him, but its not nice to know he can move that quickly. He either never liked me, or he doesn't like the new girl. I dunno. I hate his guts either way.

I also had the worst lessons at college today. English, physics, ICT, physics (AGAIN!), and food theroy. That is what I call a crappy day. Double physics SUCKS. Plus in english were doing Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. For more information about how I feel about this play, look at my blog "Romeo & Juliet".

Thursday, 18 October 2007


This is a short blog to say I'm looking for co-workers for my site.
There is a number of positions avalable. If your interested, click bellow. There is also a link on my side bar.

Thanks guys!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Hey guys,
Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, I've been busy. College is getting more and more stressful as the teachers are piling on the work. Also, I'm becoming more and more addicted to bebo, so whenever I do go on the internet, I tend to go on there. Also, I keep starting to write blogs, then getting distracted and going off to do something else. Now, you have my full atention to write a nice long blog for you guys.

I think the first topic I need to disgus is the rugby world cup. I am english, so thats probably the reason I want to write about it so badly! The finals on Saturday, England V South Africa. South Africa are TONS better than England at tris but England are a good team. Its gonna be one hell of a match =].

Now, as always, I have some complaining to do.

I have these 2 friends yeah, lets call them friend A and friend B. They are close, they both have the same intrests and wear the same clothes and stuff. The thing is, they can't acsept that anyone else wants to be anything diffrent than from what they want to be. They comlain about everything I do. If known one of them since I was 1 and its sad that I don't really like her anymore.

One more thing.

I HATE anime. With all my heart.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Run fatboy run

I saw the film "run fatboy run" today.
I have to say, it was a pretty awesome film. Its defo worth the money. Its the sort of film that keeps you laughing, even when things arn't funny. The main reason I wanted to see it was because its directed by David Schwimmer (Ross from Friends) and I wanted to see if he was any good. I also like the main actor, but I can't remeber his name. I think they did a good job. Oh, and theres another reason, that other guy whos in it was also in Friends. He was phobes boyfriend before Mike.

Right now I'm at home, watching strictly come dancing with my mum.


Well, its early but I'm going to bed. I'll watch Charlies Angels or something on DVD.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Kanye West

Hey guys,
Sorry I didn't blog yesterday. I was out all night. Then I came home and watched friends DVD's untill I fell asleep on the sofa. I woke up this morning with a headache and aching mucles. So I came on here, checked my bebo, downloaded a few songs, and then came on here to blog.

Omg guys guess what? I'm going to see Kanye West live! I really like Kanye West. I also downloaded some Gym Class Heroes and David Guetta. I really want that Version album by Mark Ronson. I downloaded the Valerie one and...Whats the other one? Oh yeah, Oh My God with Lily Allen.

I can't wait till the new Spice Girls single comes out. Are they doing an album? Or just that single? Awww man I hope there doing an album. I heart the Spice Girls.


Thursday, 11 October 2007

Strange Lollys...

I've had a partically strange day today.

Firstly, a couple of months ago me and a few friends went to holland together, just for a day. We had a awesome day and before we left we all brought three lollys to have on the plain home...
It was all fine untill we started eating our lollys. My first friend didn't finish hers, she said it was making her feel sick. Me and my other friend did. Suddenly, we became increadably hyper. Honestly, it was the most hyper I've ever been. We were on the floor crawling around and hiding behind seats. Absoulty anything everyone did was so funny we were on the floor cracking up laughing. We could have honestly been on the clouds.
We just blamed our hyperness on the sugar.
Today, we were talking to our friends about it and they were all looking at us strangly. They were asking what these lollys looked like and we told them. Then they all cracked up laughing. They had seen those lollys on an other trip to holland and they had weed in them.
Thats why we were so hyper!!
I haven't told my mum. She wouldn't belive me anyway, she never belives me about this sort of thing, she just gives a sarcastic "haha who told you that? You should be more carefull about what you belive. Haha." Thats why I don't tell her stuff.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Guess whos back.

Yeah, I probably shouldn't blog as much as I do, but I get board! Well, my last blog "Emos" was pretty deep. I'm in a deep kinda mood today, and I'm not sure why...

I don't really have much to say. My day today was pretty boaring. I went to college, had maths (we were drawing all lesson so I enjoyed it), food techology which went alright because, well, I wasn't cooking, and then 1 1/2 hours of ICT. I didn't enjoy it as much becuase the person I normally chat to wasn't there, so I had to work all lesson. Then I went home becuase I only had a half day.

I went to my friends house for lunch, and to watch the midday version of neighbours and then her mum took me home. All in all it was a pretty normal day.

But I like normal, normal is good :].

I have to cook a "flaky pastry dish" in food on Tuesday. Why did I carry on with this subject?? I can't cook. I'm having to go to my friends house so she can teach me how to make it first. Well, teach me how not to blow up the kithen anyway.


I hope no one gets offended by this blog. I personally have nothing against some emos.

Firstly, for all of you out there who don't know what "emo" is. Emo is a brand for humans I guess. Emo stands for emotional. They would be seen wearing black hair in there eyes and loads of black eyeliner. They also have the dendiacy to self-harm.
I used to be emo. I met this girl whos parents had died. She showed me the emo culture. At first I thought it was strage, the clothes and things these people did. She told me she was angry at the world for taking her parents. Everything that went wrong she would blame on the world, but take out on herself. The more I hung out with her, the more angry I became. Soon enough I was an emo.
Me and the girl would meet up, and complain about the world. Then we would take it out on ourselves. I guess I became too close to her. I was ither with her, texting her or on the phone or MSN to her. I liked her as a friend. Because we were both emo, and the only ones it kinda felt like use against the world. I never felt happy. I just wanted to curl up at home the whole time.
My other, happy friends became worried about me. They were telling me it wasn't good what I was doing to myself. I just thought they were against me. I used to fight through a day at school and get home just to talk to my emo friend. The only one who understood me.
This carried on for about a year. Then I realised. What was I doing to myself? What would happen if I carried on? I realised I'd become dependant on this girl and she had become dependant on me. Was this healthy? I knew for a fact she had tried to kill herself before. What if she had succeded? Would I do the same just to be with her?
I was sick of feeling bad about myself the whole time. I wanted to have a laugh with my friends again. I found spoke to one of my friends that I really trusted and asked her what to do. She helped me stop taking my worries out on myself. After I'd got over that the rest was easy. I began talking to my old friends. I'd forgoted how hard I used to laugh with them. Me and the girl started to drift apart. I felt bad losing her. I'd told her stuff that I wouldn't dream of telling other people. Plus, its always hard losing a friend.
I only got sucked in for a year. How come everyones still emo? I couldn't stand being depressed the whole time. I love my friends because there happy, and always up for a laugh.
Be happy guys :]

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Good Day

Wow, this is one of the few days at school I've enjoyed.

Pretty cool huh??

Lmao, yeah, I found out that if I acctully TRY in maths it tends to go faster. That and making up tourture methods for the annoying girl sitting next to me.

Did my speach in science. It went pretty well.

So all good really.

I only have half a day tomorow =]

I can watch the midday version of neighbours haha.

Anyway, I have to go

Byee guys

Sunday, 7 October 2007


Hey guys,
Sorry I haven't blogged this weekend. I've been busy the whole time. I dunno what doing really, time goes by so quickly at weekends.

That sucks.

Nah, I went on a huge DVD shopping spree. I brought like 10 movies and 3 serise of Friends. I've spent my whole weekend watching them in my room on my laptop.

Ahhh...Friends always cheers me up.

You know my blog "confused" I wrote a couple of days ago? Yeah, well since then I've been pretty down so I decided to cheer myself up.

So I thought to myself "OK, what aways cheers me up?" Well DUURRR. A double episode of Friends on E4 of course! So I took the bus to town and raded the DVD store. Then I came home and watched Friends to my hearts content :].

Ahh so now I'm happy. I'm acctully watching Friends at this very moment. Monicas complaining because she looks like a man. Lmao that makes me laugh.

Yeah so e...OMG WHO'S THAT??? Ok guys, this woman just walked in and I know her from somewhere. Oh crap who the hell is that. Ok guys, if you watch this watch the episode of Friends called "The one with the memorial service." When Ross is holding his own memorial service and the girl turns up. Yeah, who is she?? Omg, if anyone knows PLEEASSSEE tell me.

Honestly, I would LOVE you if you knew. Ok the first one that gets it gets....ermm...a mention on my blogs?? Yeah, thats a good one. Haha. No, you can have something though? Free advertizing. I dunno. JUST TELL ME. Lmao.

Bye guys

Thursday, 4 October 2007


Hey guys,

My sites getting better and better by the second. Click to visit it.
Just wanted to say thanks to feng-shui who signed my blog "confused". I spoke to my family, they really helped, thankyou x.

Okay, I don't have much power left in my laptop so this is gonna have to be quick.
What do you guys think about bitching? All girls bitch. I think its in our DNA, but is it right? I don't think its too bad. If you've got something you really need to get off your chest I think its fine to bitch to close friends about it. I bitch. Everyone does. What I don't think is right is constant bitching. I mean, theres this girl I know and I really don't like her. She would be really nice if she didn't bitch the WHOLE time. In lessons, at breaks, at weekends, in the evenings, honestly. And no-ones out of her fireing line. She bitches about anyone and everyone.

Personally, I don't think thats right.

And, do boys bitch? Or is our bitching the same as them beating each other up? I dunno, anyway, let me know what you think. Do you bitch? Do all girls bitch? Is bitching right?

Let me know.

I'm off now. My laptops flashing threatening messages at me and I'm getting scared.



Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Spice Girls!!


The spice girls are back together! How immecly cool is this? OMG I'm so excited.


All my familys like "ooo you don't want to go see them."


Omigosh how cool would it be to see them live. I've seen them live before, I was at the concert when they annonced they were splitting up. I was so sad. I cryed for ages. They were like the first band I EVER liked (along with S Club 7).

I had all there CD's. Yep, all 5. Shows what a true fan I am does it not?

So, if your reading this baby, scary, sporty, posh or ginger (man I hope I've rembered them all.)
Please please please please PLEASE send me tickets. I loovveee youuu.


Monday, 1 October 2007


What a day I've had.

I don't mean that in a good way.

I'm so confused, I won't go into details, but I'm having some problems. I've spoken to on of my friends about at and shes told me what I should do but I'm not so cure.

Ohh I feel so bad.

Ok lets talk positive.

Ohh god I can't think positive. I don't know what to do, I feel sick I'm so confused.

I wish I could forget about it. I guess blogging about it won't help. I should really talk to the people involved. I can't though. I feel sick. Someone tell me what to do.

I have to go. Hopefully I'll feel better by tomorrow.

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Last Day

Hey guys,
Its the last day of September today. I love the last day of the month. I dunno why, but something good always seems to happen to me on the last day.

Oh by the way everyone, I'm currently making a new website on freewebs. Its not open yet, but you can still visit it if you want. Its a bit of a mess at the moment, but its getting there.

Thats all I really have to say today.


Saturday, 29 September 2007


Computers. Do they cause arguments in your house? I'm so happy to have got my own computer now, it saves me so much, well, voice.

Ok, let me set the scene. This is a play of what happens:

PianoGirl: (shouting) BLAH BLAH BLAH I HATE YOU ALL!

[Next day]

PianoGirl: (to mum) Am I still band from the computer?
Mum: Yes.
[enter dad]
Dad: HELLPP! I've downloaded 70 million viruses, brought an abba CD in chinese and wiped everything off my iPod which is now frozen.
Mum: [to pianogirl] Go and help him then!
PianoGirl: Arn't I band?
Mum: Oh yeah...Oh dear...Don't worry then, I'll help him sort it out.

[a few minets later]

[Enter mum and dad together running]

PianoGirl: I'm not sure I want to now.
PianoGirl: Oh, ok then

See what I mean, they complain at me 24/7 then expect me to help them. That the main way for getting my computer back. I've been band for life a few times. Haha.

Anyway, enough on computers.
I have to go kidnap my sister


Friday, 28 September 2007


Hey guys,
It's 11.21. My whole familys in bed asleep. I'm in bed, but I'm typing on here instead.

Right so, I'm not tired in the slightest. I dunno why, because I was shattered earlyer but right now I'm wide awake. So, I was like...Hmmm what should I do.

I'm not allowed out of my room at night. Mums scared I'll eat all the food or try to kill the dog. So, I grabbed some make up and put loads on. I was taking pictures with my phone of myself. Some of them look a bit dirty because I was only wearing my underwear. I plan to remove them before anyone ever sees them.

Anyway, I'd finshed messing around with my phone and make up so I was like, "I know, I'll take this make up off and blog on my laptop." So, I looked around in my drawer for some make up remover but guess what. I've run out.

In panic I ran to my sisters room and tryed to look around it without waking her up. Shes got none eather.

So, I'm in bed, looking like a total I'm-Trying-Too-Hard-Slut. Plus, when I wake up tomorow it will be all down my face and I'll have to hold 17 hosepipes to my eye to get the think mascara and eyeliner off.

Plus, mum will think I've been out partying or something and give me a lecure about the dangers of sneaking out the house at night.

I'm board now.

I'll talk to you tomorow.



I hate rugby.

I was happily watching a bucket o french & saunders when my dad came in and insisted on watchin the rugby world cup.

I tried to defend my case, I even tried to ring my lawyer, but dad was just too good for me.


I don't even understand rugby. To me, it just looks like a bunch of guys beating each other up. Whats wrong with that? You may ask. Well, my friends, I'll tell you whats wrong with it. When your dad watches this "sport" 24/7. Plus boxing. Okay, I may pick up some ways of defending myself when my sister trys to murder me in my sleep, but other than tha t its pretty boaring.

Right, enough with rugby.

What should I write about now? I don't really have anything to say. But the rugby still isn't over so I must keep going.

Oh god. Someone kill me. My dads not insisting on watching the INTERVIEWS! The INTERVIEWS! I'm sorry but this is outragaus. I don't want to sit here and listen to jonny wilkinson talking about how badly he was ingured and yet he still managed to throw the sqashed ball over the top of that big H.

I want to watch something useful :(

Just think, I could be watching something highly educational like Friday Night with Jonathen Ross or the eastenders I sky plus-ed. Or, the eastenders my friend sky plus-ed. My family are such cheepskates they won't pay like £30 a month. That £30 would secure my future happyness. There always after ways to get rid of me, they don't think that buying that tiny little sky + box would perminalty get me out of there lives.

I guess they brought this laptop to start getting rid of me. I'm guessing there hoping I'll find a house on the internet and move there, other than that there hoping I'll lock myself in my room for hours chatting to some 70 year old man I'd never met.

Mwa ha ha I saw straght through there master plan. They thought they were so smart. I bet they keep the papers with complicated graphs under there bed searching for new ways to get me out.

I'm far to smart for them.

Aww I'm tired, I can't wait for my lie in tomrrow. Unless someone wakes me up. I HATE it when that happens. Last week it was my brother in my room trying to steal my laptop and download millions of viruses.

I wish I could have a morning with no random hovers shooting round my room, no little brothers trying to get my laptop, no sisters screaming that they hate us all.

Right I'm off to bed.
Hope you've had a good day :]


Romeo & Juliet

Told you I'd be back :]

I'm supposed to be doing an english essay about Romeo & Juliet. But, as I'm sure you would agree, that is incredably boaring.

I mean, I'm sure it would be a good like, moden day drama. That whole thing about the two familys argueing and them falling in love would be awesome. Plus the whole thing with them killing themselfs at the end would be good. But I just think Shakespeare is such a complicated writer. I'm sure he was a good writer in his time but I mean, does he have to use like 10 word when he could have wrote 1.

I mean, I really like if in moden day someone said "the cat sat on the mat"

In Shakespeare speak it would be
"As thy darkened creature in thy shape of thy feline sank thy backside onto thy rounded floor decoration"

Hah. Maybe not quite like that but very similar. I had to study a Shakespeare play for my S.A.T's last year, I did Richard Third. It was the most deppressing subject in the whole entire world. I mean, absoluty everyone dies. Including Richard. Even though Richard killed most of them.

Anyway, back to Romeo & Juliet. This plays less deppressing than Richard. I mean, at least they get some happyness before they top themselves. I don't know the play probably, I mean, I've only been studying it for like 4 lessons. Plus homework. Oh God. No...Thou shalt not complain about homework. Hehe.

Okay, I can't think of what to say...


*Looks at list of things to write about if you can't think of anything*

Right...I'm gonna do a ATM thingy. Here goes,

ATM (At The Moment)

  • Seeing: Well, my laptop, obvisoly. My mum and dad and sitting on the sofa, and Neighbours on on the TV.
  • Hearing: Neigbours on the TV and mum and dad chatting.
  • Thinking: about the little hamster running around in my head.
  • Being annoyed by: Alfies scrawwny little feet against the wooden floor.
  • Wishing: Little fairys would come and extend the weekend to about 75 years and do all my homework.

Yes, well, I'm off now. I think I've waisted enough of your time. :D


Gravity - Embrace

Gravity - Embrace

Honey, its been a long time coming,
And I can't stop now.
Such a long time running,
And I can't stop now.
Do you hear my heart beating?
Can you hear that sound?
'Cause I can't help thinking,
And I don't look down.

And then I looked up at the sun and I could see,
All the ways that gravity turns for you and me.
And they I looked up at the sky and the sun,
And the way that gravity pulls on everyone,
On everyone...

Baby, its been a long time waiting,
Such a long, long time.
And I can't stop smiling,
No I can't stop now.
Do you hear my heart beating?
Oh, can you hear that sound?
'Cause I can't help crying,
And I won't look down.

And then I looked up at the sun and I could see,
All the way that gravity turns on you and me.
And then I looked up at the sky and saw the sun,
And the way that gravity pulls on you and I,
On you and I...

Can you hear my heart beating?
Aw, do you hear that sound?
'Cause I can't help crying,
And I won't look down.

In case you didn't notice, those are the lyrics the song above. Download it, its a really cool song. I think coldplay did it first, but I personally think that the Embrace version is better.

I wrote all those lyrics out myself, I'm pretty proud of myself. I know all the lyrics off by heart :].

So, back to the major part of this blog.
Well, its Friday.

I think this is the first time I've blogged on a Friday. Theres something you ought to know about Fridays.

I <3>

It is the best day of the week. Honesly, theres nothing to not like about it. Theres amazing TV, and no more school for like, 2 daysssssss.

:D :D :D :D

I'll probably blog later.


Thursday, 27 September 2007


Hey guyss!!

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday, I had a enomous amount of corsework amount of corsework to do. I had to write a 2000 word essay on my life.

Honestly. My life. Why on earth would anyone want to hear about that?? Ok, maybe they would if I was a super hero who saved the world from evil purple aliens last week and still got home before tea time. Or if my parents were both FBI agents and spend there time hunting down bad guys who plan to take over the world.

Nope, my life is plain and boaring.

Okay. Today is reallyyyy not my day. My computer just restarted itself. Lucky, the clever people at have autosaved my blog.

Plus, my laptops being annoying and these stupid messages keep coming up telling me my life is over and I'm doomed for etenaty.

Ok, not quite but close enough.

Right, lets find something interesting to talk about.

Neighbours. Ooo whats happening tomorrow?

Hang on I'll look...

*Goes onto Neighbours website and reads*

Ahh nothing exiting, Bree likes her bioligical father, oliver sets fire to the DNA results ect. Not partically exiting. I really want Dee to come back, they never found her body did they? Ohh that would be awesome!

Ooo guess what! I got out of all my detentions today! I was so good in tutor time and I sat there not talking like a good little girl he said he would let me off!! Horraayyy!! I might have messed it up a bit in afternoon registration but I'll live, hes so old and sweaty he would have forgoten by the morning.

Awww I'm shattered. Honestly, I could just fall asleep on the sofa where I'm sitting. I know, I'll make another list.


Things I don't understand - By PianoGirl
  • Spiderman - Man or spider? And why spider? Why couldn't an ape have bitten the skinny guy and he could grow hair and swing thought trees. That would be a AWESOME power. Better than a stupid spider. And, why does he have 2 legs instead of 8?
  • Water - Ok, everyones like "ooo water is cleearr" how come you can see it? I mean, you don't walk up to a glass of water and say "oh. That glass has nothing in it. I will throw it on the floor. Man, I hope theres no water in there I can't currently see." But, if water was clear it would look pretty cool. Exept you wouldn't know were it was. But still, it would look damn cool.

I can't think of anything else at this particalar moment. My eyes feel like they have sevral million weighs on them. Even though its pretty early, I haven't been sleeping. Probably the stress of all the damn work I've got to do.

Plus my sisters staring and me and I'm pretty scared of what she might do to me.

Auvoir amigo!!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007


I'm waiting for my sister to let me go on the sims, so I thought I'd blog while I wait!
I love the sims, its like my all time faverout video game. The only thing is, in like year 4+5 EVERYONE played the sims. I always used to get left out because I never played it. Now, none of my friends play it, and I love it! Oh, guess what, I'm going to Austria with my friend soon. I'm so excited, we made the final plans today. Its awesome. They've got a house there, I've never been skiing before, but she will teach me. Have I writen about this before? I'm having a bit of deja vu right now.

I hate deja vu. I've been having it loads recently and its really annoying. Grrr...

Right what's the time

*looks at clock at bottom of screen*

18:54. So thats almost 7pm.

I can go on the sims at 7:15.

Thats 15 mins.

Good maths there girl!

Lol...Really, I'm joking....

Right, I don't really have much to say (OMMGGG) so I'm just gonna blabber on for the following 15 mins of my life. I must recomend that you stop reading here and visit another blog worth reading.

Okay, Have any of you had pet spiders? I had one when I was like 5. Ohh oh and I had a imaginary friend. His name was Fred. He lived in the fireplace and everytime we had a fire I'd spend ages there building him a new house. God...I was one sad child.

Have any of you ever played Harry Potter? I still play it now, haha. Oh god, now I bet you think I'm some sad act who spends her time with geeky friends who spend there time reading and doing su du ku. I promise I'm not. My friends are really pretty awesome, we just are a bit immature. I hate it when people try to act older than there age. I have got to be several years younger.

Right so back to Harry Potter. It is honestly very fun, especally duelling. But maybe not if your in mid-spell when a huge bus full of people drive past. That has happened to me many times. I don't really mind though, I find it pretty funny watching them.

OO I loved the last Harry Potter book, omg it was so good. I'm not saying more than that. I don't want to spoil it for all the people who haven't finished yet.

Time check....


WTF! It feels like I've been typing for ages. My fingers are even starting to hurt. Does typing make you lose weight? That would be pretty damn cooool.

Right...something to say....hmmm....oohhh I can't think of anything. Someone should make a website about what to talk about if you cant think of anything...:o Thats an idea! I'll do one now!!

PianoGirls list of things to talk about if you can't think of anything.
  • How much you hate your teachers
  • Music
  • What you can see at that particlar moment
  • The last thing you did to mentally harm your parents
  • If your vertically challenged or not
  • The amount of homework your STUPID teachers set you
  • What you did at the weekend
  • How cool are these bullet points??
  • Sorry
  • Back to the point
  • make a list of things to talk about if you cant think of anything
  • write about what your waiting for
  • ask useless questions
  • useless facts
  • your faverout sites
  • king kong
  • the utter coolness of
  • the utter coolness of the owner of the above site
  • your bus

Wheeey...thats a pretty good list I've got there, and its waisted...

*looks at clock*

around 5 mins!!!


Come on guys, we can do this!

Wait, I need to put aside time for saving this blog and putting my laptop to sleep. How long will that take??

*thinks hard*

about 2 mins would you say? Including the time it takes me to get into my sisters room and force her off the computer. Yep...Pretty good at estimating arn't I? Hehe!

Oh bloody hell! Its quater past!

Best be off...Sims here I come :]


All my teachers went crazy today. I'm not even joking, they honestly went insane. To start with, I had food tecnology. I was cooking. Bad idea, whoever thought it was safe to let me run wild in a kitchen was obvisily seriosly demented, or had just had a brain transplant with a cow. Anyway, everything was going pretty well, I'd remebered to tie my hair up, and wash my hands. Then I looked at the recipe I had to cook, you had to fry something. I have a hisory with frying things, and its not a nice one. So I was pretty scared...I managed to set it on fire. I didn't even lob the pan in the sink like any normal person, oh no, I just stood there, screaming my head off. The teacher carmed me down, then told me to stop cooking and get out the kitchen. But it wasn't like that. It was more like: "Ohhhh don't worrry, you're fine, honestly, nothing to worry get the hell out of my kitchen" She then proceded to warn everyone about the dangers of leaving plain oil in a frying pan without putting anything else in there. If she had told us that before I set my pan on fire, we wouldn't have this problem.

Maths was as bad as usual. No wait, it was 3 gazzilion times worse. I got moved. MOVED!! I'm sorry, but I was outraged! He said it was because of my talking. So I told him I would have to shout instead. He wasn't happy, but everyone else thought it was funny. And, last lesson I gave him my exersize book, and hes gone and lost it, now he has the nerve to blame me! I hate him more than anything else in the world.

We had to debate in Media Studies, I love debates. It is one of the few things where I get praise for talking none stop and aruging. Haha, whoever made up debates was just like me :].

I had my detentions, that weren't too bad. He told me I'd got better :o:o:o. I was pretty happy with myself untill I arrived at tutor and my anger came straght back to me. I managed to get 2 more detentions for tomorow. Grrr....

Anyway, I've decided to stuff my "only one blog a day" rule. It sucks. I like writing as much as I want. Theres enough rules at school anyway, I don't need anymore anyway.

Monday, 24 September 2007


Yes, I know this is my 3rd blog today. I told you I always have 1 million things to say!! Okay, I've got to try and limit myself. I'm only aloud to blog once a day. In the evenings, thats past 8.00pm. Yeah, then I'll be able to put everything in one huge blog.

Well, today I went to college as normal. Serously, the weather this morning was rediclous. It was chucking it down with rain, windy and cold. Lucky, I take the bus so I only had to wait at the bus stop. Some people walk...hahaha....they got soaked. They are all my friends, but they did stick there fingers up at me as I drove past, bone dry, in the bus and they fought though the wind.

Yeah, so that was a pretty bad start. Esspecally as its a monday. Then I had the worst lessons ever. Exept for a few, some were okay. I honestly lost the will to live in math. I hate math more than anything. Last year was good, we had a really cool teacher. This year I have a teacher who I hate. Its so boaring. Then I had my double detentions. I had to sit there for about 1 hour. I told the teacher I hated his guts. That got me kept longer, but it was pretty funny while it lasted. I have another 2 tomorow. I think teachers had a grudge against me. They all seem to be dishing out detentions at every given opertunity.

I'm cooking tomorow. I can't belive I took food technology for a GCSE. I really can't cook, but I try my best. At least its a practical subject where you don't just have to sit there in scilence copying out of textbooks. I hate that, its so boaring. I have this huge thing agaisnt being board. I just can't stand it. Thats why I get in trouble the whole time. Whenever I'm board, I talk, but I'm board most of the time at college, so I talk a lot.

Has anyone ever been skiing? My friend has just invited me to go with her. I've never been before, I'm scared. Shes not the most caring friend in the world. She'll probably just throw me down the mountain and hope I survive. Thats how great my friends are. Haha. Nahh, I'm joking, shes a great mate and all, we just joke around with doing things like that.

Just so you know, I'm sick of the layout of my blog already. Its just black. Thats another thing you should learn about me. I change my mind the wholleee time. No matter how much I love something, within a week, maybe a month if its really nice, I'll want something new. As I'm only just learning about this whole blogging thing, I'll just use one of the ready made templates, there must be a way of changeing it to a layout you've made. Isn't there?

About Mee..

Well, today I realised I haven't yet writen about myself. So, hear goes...

My name on here is PianoGirl. I'm pretty wary about letting out information on the internet. So I don't give out my real name. If you want to call me something, PianoGirls the name. I play the piano (hence the name PianoGirl.) I go to college and I am going to take my GCSE's this year. I am putting myself infor upto 12 GCSE's. I don't want to carry on with school after I leave College, I want to train to be a hairdresser instead.

I'm our house you can find my brother, sister, both my parents and my dog, Alfie. I love my family, but I don't like dogs, so my sister and mum have trained Alfie to stay away from me. I have loads of friends, and I see most of them at college every day.

At weekends, I love going out with my friends. I go to see movies, or go shopping. I love films so I watch them whenever I can. I also love music, I listen to all types. My faverout film of all time is Bugsy Malone, or Jaws. My faverot band is Oasis, although I listen to everything I can.

I watch too much TV. I love watching soaps, like Neighbours, Corrination Street, and Holyoaks. I also talk way too much. Thats part of the reason I set up this blog. I always have 1 million things to say so I figured this would be a good way to let it all out.

I have a really strange sence of humor, and I always laugh at the jokes no one else finds funny. Most people like me for always being postive. I'm always getting into trouble for one thing or another. Most of the time its for talking. I love meeting new people.

Well, thats all there is really. If you want me in a few words, I'm a kind, positive, loud person who loves her life and all the people in it!


I'm so tired. I had to wake up at 6.30am this morning to get to college. Plus, I had 2 detentions in one day! 2! I have another 2 tomorrow aswell. The teachers don't like me, they say I talk to much. I don't like them much eather. I get into trouble loads recently. I even got in a argument with some girl I'd never met before. I'm not a horrible person. I just talk to much, yeah I think thats my problem.

Anyway, I logged onto bebo today as I always do to check my messages and stuff. So I found this message some girl I'd never met before had left me. It was like "OMGG!! Why the helll has ma bf been givin u love nd stuffff" I mean, I'd never even met this girl before. So, I went on her bebo to see who she was and I found, from her profile, that her boyfriend was a guy in my ICT class who I'd spoken to a few times and we had become friends. He had given me love on bebo, but I mean, it wasn't like he was asking me out or anything! It was just like friendly love. Haha.

Yeah, so I was looking though her messages and I found this convosation between her and some guy talking about me. It was like, talking about what a slut I was taking other peoples boyfriends! WTF! I never took him from her, we're not even together! Haha, it made me laugh so much I couldn't trust myself to leave her a message. Oh well, it makes me laugh sometimes how people are so stupid they think that just because some people are friends that there together.


Sunday, 23 September 2007


Okay, you'll have probably noticed from the name of this blog I play the piano. I have lessons once a week, and I really enjoy them. I can play a lot of popular songs and I really enjoy it.

Diffrent members of my family try to make me play differnent things. My younger sister, who is into pop music, begs me to look for random popular songs so she can sit becide me, shout the words out and pretend shes Rihanna or something. My Nan however, begs me to play classical peices. You know, Hyms or whatever. The rest of my family don't really care what I play, just as long as its good although Mum tends to be happy if I play some thing from old musicals like "Don't cry for me argentina" or something. My 9 year old brother would like me to play something like James Bond or Star Wars, but doesn't try to force me into it.

None of them want to know what I acctully want to play. I tend to play jazzy blues, or rags. Sometimes I play songs I know, like from musicals and stuff.

Well, I was wondering...
1. If you do play the piano, what sort of stuff do you play?
2. If you don't play the piano, what sort of thing would you like to hear someone else play?

Anyway, thats my blog for today, and I think, my 2nd blog ever! Hah!
Byee x


Ok, I'm a teenager, so I guess I know what its like to be one.

But I hate it when adults read those books called stuff like "How Teenagers Think" or whatever. Why don't they just talk to us?? I mean, were not animals that have to be learnt about. We're people just like everyone else. People steryotype us as grumpy, horrible, lazy people who spend our time taking drugs and getting drunk. Some people do, but most of us don't. All teenagers are diffrent. You can't just learn about how we think from one book. People don't TALK to us, they just do stupid scientific tests that claim to prove how we think.

I wish people would learn that if they got to know us, and earn't our respect, we would just be like everyone else.