Sunday, 9 December 2007

Current poll results

Hey everyone.

It's Sunday night and I have a bit of time so I thought I'd leave a new blog.

For the first time since I put the polls out, I've looked at the results. Here are the rusults at the moment:

Do you link ugg boots?
14 % of you don't know what they are.
14 % of you don't like them.
71 % of you like them.
0 % of you kinda like them.

Whats the best xmas song?
0 % of you like a xmas song thats not on the list.
12 % of you like jingle bells best.
12 % of you like santa claus is coming to town best.
25 % of you like jingle bell rock best.
50 % of you like all I want for christmas is you best.

Should I get some more people to write to this blog?
50 % of you said yes.
50 % of you said no.

I'll put up the final results after the polls reach the end dates.

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