Monday, 24 September 2007


Yes, I know this is my 3rd blog today. I told you I always have 1 million things to say!! Okay, I've got to try and limit myself. I'm only aloud to blog once a day. In the evenings, thats past 8.00pm. Yeah, then I'll be able to put everything in one huge blog.

Well, today I went to college as normal. Serously, the weather this morning was rediclous. It was chucking it down with rain, windy and cold. Lucky, I take the bus so I only had to wait at the bus stop. Some people walk...hahaha....they got soaked. They are all my friends, but they did stick there fingers up at me as I drove past, bone dry, in the bus and they fought though the wind.

Yeah, so that was a pretty bad start. Esspecally as its a monday. Then I had the worst lessons ever. Exept for a few, some were okay. I honestly lost the will to live in math. I hate math more than anything. Last year was good, we had a really cool teacher. This year I have a teacher who I hate. Its so boaring. Then I had my double detentions. I had to sit there for about 1 hour. I told the teacher I hated his guts. That got me kept longer, but it was pretty funny while it lasted. I have another 2 tomorow. I think teachers had a grudge against me. They all seem to be dishing out detentions at every given opertunity.

I'm cooking tomorow. I can't belive I took food technology for a GCSE. I really can't cook, but I try my best. At least its a practical subject where you don't just have to sit there in scilence copying out of textbooks. I hate that, its so boaring. I have this huge thing agaisnt being board. I just can't stand it. Thats why I get in trouble the whole time. Whenever I'm board, I talk, but I'm board most of the time at college, so I talk a lot.

Has anyone ever been skiing? My friend has just invited me to go with her. I've never been before, I'm scared. Shes not the most caring friend in the world. She'll probably just throw me down the mountain and hope I survive. Thats how great my friends are. Haha. Nahh, I'm joking, shes a great mate and all, we just joke around with doing things like that.

Just so you know, I'm sick of the layout of my blog already. Its just black. Thats another thing you should learn about me. I change my mind the wholleee time. No matter how much I love something, within a week, maybe a month if its really nice, I'll want something new. As I'm only just learning about this whole blogging thing, I'll just use one of the ready made templates, there must be a way of changeing it to a layout you've made. Isn't there?

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