Tuesday, 25 September 2007


All my teachers went crazy today. I'm not even joking, they honestly went insane. To start with, I had food tecnology. I was cooking. Bad idea, whoever thought it was safe to let me run wild in a kitchen was obvisily seriosly demented, or had just had a brain transplant with a cow. Anyway, everything was going pretty well, I'd remebered to tie my hair up, and wash my hands. Then I looked at the recipe I had to cook, you had to fry something. I have a hisory with frying things, and its not a nice one. So I was pretty scared...I managed to set it on fire. I didn't even lob the pan in the sink like any normal person, oh no, I just stood there, screaming my head off. The teacher carmed me down, then told me to stop cooking and get out the kitchen. But it wasn't like that. It was more like: "Ohhhh don't worrry, you're fine, honestly, nothing to worry about....now get the hell out of my kitchen" She then proceded to warn everyone about the dangers of leaving plain oil in a frying pan without putting anything else in there. If she had told us that before I set my pan on fire, we wouldn't have this problem.

Maths was as bad as usual. No wait, it was 3 gazzilion times worse. I got moved. MOVED!! I'm sorry, but I was outraged! He said it was because of my talking. So I told him I would have to shout instead. He wasn't happy, but everyone else thought it was funny. And, last lesson I gave him my exersize book, and hes gone and lost it, now he has the nerve to blame me! I hate him more than anything else in the world.

We had to debate in Media Studies, I love debates. It is one of the few things where I get praise for talking none stop and aruging. Haha, whoever made up debates was just like me :].

I had my detentions, that weren't too bad. He told me I'd got better :o:o:o. I was pretty happy with myself untill I arrived at tutor and my anger came straght back to me. I managed to get 2 more detentions for tomorow. Grrr....

Anyway, I've decided to stuff my "only one blog a day" rule. It sucks. I like writing as much as I want. Theres enough rules at school anyway, I don't need anymore anyway.

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