Tuesday, 25 September 2007


I'm waiting for my sister to let me go on the sims, so I thought I'd blog while I wait!
I love the sims, its like my all time faverout video game. The only thing is, in like year 4+5 EVERYONE played the sims. I always used to get left out because I never played it. Now, none of my friends play it, and I love it! Oh, guess what, I'm going to Austria with my friend soon. I'm so excited, we made the final plans today. Its awesome. They've got a house there, I've never been skiing before, but she will teach me. Have I writen about this before? I'm having a bit of deja vu right now.

I hate deja vu. I've been having it loads recently and its really annoying. Grrr...

Right what's the time

*looks at clock at bottom of screen*

18:54. So thats almost 7pm.

I can go on the sims at 7:15.

Thats 15 mins.

Good maths there girl!

Lol...Really, I'm joking....

Right, I don't really have much to say (OMMGGG) so I'm just gonna blabber on for the following 15 mins of my life. I must recomend that you stop reading here and visit another blog worth reading.

Okay, Have any of you had pet spiders? I had one when I was like 5. Ohh oh and I had a imaginary friend. His name was Fred. He lived in the fireplace and everytime we had a fire I'd spend ages there building him a new house. God...I was one sad child.

Have any of you ever played Harry Potter? I still play it now, haha. Oh god, now I bet you think I'm some sad act who spends her time with geeky friends who spend there time reading and doing su du ku. I promise I'm not. My friends are really pretty awesome, we just are a bit immature. I hate it when people try to act older than there age. I have got to be several years younger.

Right so back to Harry Potter. It is honestly very fun, especally duelling. But maybe not if your in mid-spell when a huge bus full of people drive past. That has happened to me many times. I don't really mind though, I find it pretty funny watching them.

OO I loved the last Harry Potter book, omg it was so good. I'm not saying more than that. I don't want to spoil it for all the people who haven't finished yet.

Time check....


WTF! It feels like I've been typing for ages. My fingers are even starting to hurt. Does typing make you lose weight? That would be pretty damn cooool.

Right...something to say....hmmm....oohhh I can't think of anything. Someone should make a website about what to talk about if you cant think of anything...:o Thats an idea! I'll do one now!!

PianoGirls list of things to talk about if you can't think of anything.
  • How much you hate your teachers
  • Music
  • What you can see at that particlar moment
  • The last thing you did to mentally harm your parents
  • If your vertically challenged or not
  • The amount of homework your STUPID teachers set you
  • What you did at the weekend
  • How cool are these bullet points??
  • Sorry
  • Back to the point
  • make a list of things to talk about if you cant think of anything
  • write about what your waiting for
  • ask useless questions
  • useless facts
  • your faverout sites
  • king kong
  • the utter coolness of www.pianogirl12.blogspot.com
  • the utter coolness of the owner of the above site
  • your bus

Wheeey...thats a pretty good list I've got there, and its waisted...

*looks at clock*

around 5 mins!!!


Come on guys, we can do this!

Wait, I need to put aside time for saving this blog and putting my laptop to sleep. How long will that take??

*thinks hard*

about 2 mins would you say? Including the time it takes me to get into my sisters room and force her off the computer. Yep...Pretty good at estimating arn't I? Hehe!

Oh bloody hell! Its quater past!

Best be off...Sims here I come :]

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