Sunday, 23 September 2007


Okay, you'll have probably noticed from the name of this blog I play the piano. I have lessons once a week, and I really enjoy them. I can play a lot of popular songs and I really enjoy it.

Diffrent members of my family try to make me play differnent things. My younger sister, who is into pop music, begs me to look for random popular songs so she can sit becide me, shout the words out and pretend shes Rihanna or something. My Nan however, begs me to play classical peices. You know, Hyms or whatever. The rest of my family don't really care what I play, just as long as its good although Mum tends to be happy if I play some thing from old musicals like "Don't cry for me argentina" or something. My 9 year old brother would like me to play something like James Bond or Star Wars, but doesn't try to force me into it.

None of them want to know what I acctully want to play. I tend to play jazzy blues, or rags. Sometimes I play songs I know, like from musicals and stuff.

Well, I was wondering...
1. If you do play the piano, what sort of stuff do you play?
2. If you don't play the piano, what sort of thing would you like to hear someone else play?

Anyway, thats my blog for today, and I think, my 2nd blog ever! Hah!
Byee x

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