Thursday, 27 September 2007


Hey guyss!!

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday, I had a enomous amount of corsework amount of corsework to do. I had to write a 2000 word essay on my life.

Honestly. My life. Why on earth would anyone want to hear about that?? Ok, maybe they would if I was a super hero who saved the world from evil purple aliens last week and still got home before tea time. Or if my parents were both FBI agents and spend there time hunting down bad guys who plan to take over the world.

Nope, my life is plain and boaring.

Okay. Today is reallyyyy not my day. My computer just restarted itself. Lucky, the clever people at have autosaved my blog.

Plus, my laptops being annoying and these stupid messages keep coming up telling me my life is over and I'm doomed for etenaty.

Ok, not quite but close enough.

Right, lets find something interesting to talk about.

Neighbours. Ooo whats happening tomorrow?

Hang on I'll look...

*Goes onto Neighbours website and reads*

Ahh nothing exiting, Bree likes her bioligical father, oliver sets fire to the DNA results ect. Not partically exiting. I really want Dee to come back, they never found her body did they? Ohh that would be awesome!

Ooo guess what! I got out of all my detentions today! I was so good in tutor time and I sat there not talking like a good little girl he said he would let me off!! Horraayyy!! I might have messed it up a bit in afternoon registration but I'll live, hes so old and sweaty he would have forgoten by the morning.

Awww I'm shattered. Honestly, I could just fall asleep on the sofa where I'm sitting. I know, I'll make another list.


Things I don't understand - By PianoGirl
  • Spiderman - Man or spider? And why spider? Why couldn't an ape have bitten the skinny guy and he could grow hair and swing thought trees. That would be a AWESOME power. Better than a stupid spider. And, why does he have 2 legs instead of 8?
  • Water - Ok, everyones like "ooo water is cleearr" how come you can see it? I mean, you don't walk up to a glass of water and say "oh. That glass has nothing in it. I will throw it on the floor. Man, I hope theres no water in there I can't currently see." But, if water was clear it would look pretty cool. Exept you wouldn't know were it was. But still, it would look damn cool.

I can't think of anything else at this particalar moment. My eyes feel like they have sevral million weighs on them. Even though its pretty early, I haven't been sleeping. Probably the stress of all the damn work I've got to do.

Plus my sisters staring and me and I'm pretty scared of what she might do to me.

Auvoir amigo!!

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