Friday, 28 September 2007

Romeo & Juliet

Told you I'd be back :]

I'm supposed to be doing an english essay about Romeo & Juliet. But, as I'm sure you would agree, that is incredably boaring.

I mean, I'm sure it would be a good like, moden day drama. That whole thing about the two familys argueing and them falling in love would be awesome. Plus the whole thing with them killing themselfs at the end would be good. But I just think Shakespeare is such a complicated writer. I'm sure he was a good writer in his time but I mean, does he have to use like 10 word when he could have wrote 1.

I mean, I really like if in moden day someone said "the cat sat on the mat"

In Shakespeare speak it would be
"As thy darkened creature in thy shape of thy feline sank thy backside onto thy rounded floor decoration"

Hah. Maybe not quite like that but very similar. I had to study a Shakespeare play for my S.A.T's last year, I did Richard Third. It was the most deppressing subject in the whole entire world. I mean, absoluty everyone dies. Including Richard. Even though Richard killed most of them.

Anyway, back to Romeo & Juliet. This plays less deppressing than Richard. I mean, at least they get some happyness before they top themselves. I don't know the play probably, I mean, I've only been studying it for like 4 lessons. Plus homework. Oh God. No...Thou shalt not complain about homework. Hehe.

Okay, I can't think of what to say...


*Looks at list of things to write about if you can't think of anything*

Right...I'm gonna do a ATM thingy. Here goes,

ATM (At The Moment)

  • Seeing: Well, my laptop, obvisoly. My mum and dad and sitting on the sofa, and Neighbours on on the TV.
  • Hearing: Neigbours on the TV and mum and dad chatting.
  • Thinking: about the little hamster running around in my head.
  • Being annoyed by: Alfies scrawwny little feet against the wooden floor.
  • Wishing: Little fairys would come and extend the weekend to about 75 years and do all my homework.

Yes, well, I'm off now. I think I've waisted enough of your time. :D


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