Friday, 28 September 2007


Hey guys,
It's 11.21. My whole familys in bed asleep. I'm in bed, but I'm typing on here instead.

Right so, I'm not tired in the slightest. I dunno why, because I was shattered earlyer but right now I'm wide awake. So, I was like...Hmmm what should I do.

I'm not allowed out of my room at night. Mums scared I'll eat all the food or try to kill the dog. So, I grabbed some make up and put loads on. I was taking pictures with my phone of myself. Some of them look a bit dirty because I was only wearing my underwear. I plan to remove them before anyone ever sees them.

Anyway, I'd finshed messing around with my phone and make up so I was like, "I know, I'll take this make up off and blog on my laptop." So, I looked around in my drawer for some make up remover but guess what. I've run out.

In panic I ran to my sisters room and tryed to look around it without waking her up. Shes got none eather.

So, I'm in bed, looking like a total I'm-Trying-Too-Hard-Slut. Plus, when I wake up tomorow it will be all down my face and I'll have to hold 17 hosepipes to my eye to get the think mascara and eyeliner off.

Plus, mum will think I've been out partying or something and give me a lecure about the dangers of sneaking out the house at night.

I'm board now.

I'll talk to you tomorow.


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