Monday, 22 October 2007

Blogging for dummies

I've visited a lot of blogs in my time, and the amount of blogs I've found that are quite frankly, boring, is on the up. Heres a little thingy I wrote for how to make sure you blog isn't in the "puts reader to sleep" genre.

  1. dnt tlk lyk dis or LIke ThIs. Its annoying, hard to read, and you look stupid. Try to use correct punctuation and spellings.
  2. Blog frequently. Don't blog everyday for one month then ignore your visitors for a year. Blogging once a day, or once a week is best.
  3. People don't want to know everything about your life. So don't write stuff like this: "well, I got up from my purple duvet. Went down stairs, ate my breckfast. I was really nice. It was toast with jam and a glass of orange juice." The best thing to do is choose a specific thing in your day and write JUST about that, how you felt ect.
  4. Blog about movies and music, your readers can relate to that.
  5. Don't blog about specific people like this: "Ohh mi god i hate jenny shes such a cow but I love herbert, yeahh hes well nice, ohh but godd beth is such a bitch. die beth die." No one wants to no all of that without hearing something to do with what they've done at least.

More coming soon...

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