Sunday, 7 October 2007


Hey guys,
Sorry I haven't blogged this weekend. I've been busy the whole time. I dunno what doing really, time goes by so quickly at weekends.

That sucks.

Nah, I went on a huge DVD shopping spree. I brought like 10 movies and 3 serise of Friends. I've spent my whole weekend watching them in my room on my laptop.

Ahhh...Friends always cheers me up.

You know my blog "confused" I wrote a couple of days ago? Yeah, well since then I've been pretty down so I decided to cheer myself up.

So I thought to myself "OK, what aways cheers me up?" Well DUURRR. A double episode of Friends on E4 of course! So I took the bus to town and raded the DVD store. Then I came home and watched Friends to my hearts content :].

Ahh so now I'm happy. I'm acctully watching Friends at this very moment. Monicas complaining because she looks like a man. Lmao that makes me laugh.

Yeah so e...OMG WHO'S THAT??? Ok guys, this woman just walked in and I know her from somewhere. Oh crap who the hell is that. Ok guys, if you watch this watch the episode of Friends called "The one with the memorial service." When Ross is holding his own memorial service and the girl turns up. Yeah, who is she?? Omg, if anyone knows PLEEASSSEE tell me.

Honestly, I would LOVE you if you knew. Ok the first one that gets it gets....ermm...a mention on my blogs?? Yeah, thats a good one. Haha. No, you can have something though? Free advertizing. I dunno. JUST TELL ME. Lmao.

Bye guys

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