Wednesday, 10 October 2007


I hope no one gets offended by this blog. I personally have nothing against some emos.

Firstly, for all of you out there who don't know what "emo" is. Emo is a brand for humans I guess. Emo stands for emotional. They would be seen wearing black hair in there eyes and loads of black eyeliner. They also have the dendiacy to self-harm.
I used to be emo. I met this girl whos parents had died. She showed me the emo culture. At first I thought it was strage, the clothes and things these people did. She told me she was angry at the world for taking her parents. Everything that went wrong she would blame on the world, but take out on herself. The more I hung out with her, the more angry I became. Soon enough I was an emo.
Me and the girl would meet up, and complain about the world. Then we would take it out on ourselves. I guess I became too close to her. I was ither with her, texting her or on the phone or MSN to her. I liked her as a friend. Because we were both emo, and the only ones it kinda felt like use against the world. I never felt happy. I just wanted to curl up at home the whole time.
My other, happy friends became worried about me. They were telling me it wasn't good what I was doing to myself. I just thought they were against me. I used to fight through a day at school and get home just to talk to my emo friend. The only one who understood me.
This carried on for about a year. Then I realised. What was I doing to myself? What would happen if I carried on? I realised I'd become dependant on this girl and she had become dependant on me. Was this healthy? I knew for a fact she had tried to kill herself before. What if she had succeded? Would I do the same just to be with her?
I was sick of feeling bad about myself the whole time. I wanted to have a laugh with my friends again. I found spoke to one of my friends that I really trusted and asked her what to do. She helped me stop taking my worries out on myself. After I'd got over that the rest was easy. I began talking to my old friends. I'd forgoted how hard I used to laugh with them. Me and the girl started to drift apart. I felt bad losing her. I'd told her stuff that I wouldn't dream of telling other people. Plus, its always hard losing a friend.
I only got sucked in for a year. How come everyones still emo? I couldn't stand being depressed the whole time. I love my friends because there happy, and always up for a laugh.
Be happy guys :]

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