Monday, 22 October 2007


I'm gonna be honest with you guys.

Not because I want people to know the truth about why I'm blogging this late, but because I have to get what I'm about to say out of my system and this is the only way to do it without hurting anyone.

First, if anyones looking at the time at the beginning of the blog and thinking "What the hell? Thats not late!" The clock on this blog is wrong. Does anyone know how to sort that?

The real time is 2.30am. I'm blogging this late for many reasons. Here they are...

  • I can't sleep. I don't know whats wrong with me these days, I'm just not sleeping. I hate just lying awake, not doing anything so I have to do something instead. Thats why I blog late, I blog untill I'm tired.
  • My life sucks. I know that sounds bad but I'm having loads of problems at the moment. I think I've told you about my ex-boyfriend problems? Yeah, well its really getting to me and I can't tell people because they'll just say something like "welll, you dumped him, you only have yourself to blame" FOR GODS SAKE! I don't fancy him anymore! Its just irritating that one second hes saying he loves me and I dump him for a week and hes onto the next girl telling her he loves her. I'm sorry but I hate players.
  • This reasons gonna sound really bad, please read my reasons before you jump to conclutions about me. Well, my Gran's staying 'till wednesday. Mum's said I'm not alowed to go out tomorow and she and Dad are at work, so I'm home alone with Gran. I love my Gran, I really do, but I don't like spending days with her. Her theroy of a good time is sitting playing scrabble. I'm sorry but I'd rather be out with my friends. Is that normal? So yeah, I want to have a lie in so I don't have to play scrabble for long. I hope you don't hate me...Please say feeling like this is normal =D

So yeah, theres my reasons. If anyone's got any cures for any of them I would be enternally gratefull.

Just one more thing before I go...

I saw Stardust today!

It was awesome, its a really funny film. I defo recommend it. It worth twice the money!

Bye everyone!

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