Thursday, 11 October 2007

Strange Lollys...

I've had a partically strange day today.

Firstly, a couple of months ago me and a few friends went to holland together, just for a day. We had a awesome day and before we left we all brought three lollys to have on the plain home...
It was all fine untill we started eating our lollys. My first friend didn't finish hers, she said it was making her feel sick. Me and my other friend did. Suddenly, we became increadably hyper. Honestly, it was the most hyper I've ever been. We were on the floor crawling around and hiding behind seats. Absoulty anything everyone did was so funny we were on the floor cracking up laughing. We could have honestly been on the clouds.
We just blamed our hyperness on the sugar.
Today, we were talking to our friends about it and they were all looking at us strangly. They were asking what these lollys looked like and we told them. Then they all cracked up laughing. They had seen those lollys on an other trip to holland and they had weed in them.
Thats why we were so hyper!!
I haven't told my mum. She wouldn't belive me anyway, she never belives me about this sort of thing, she just gives a sarcastic "haha who told you that? You should be more carefull about what you belive. Haha." Thats why I don't tell her stuff.

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