Thursday, 15 November 2007

Boy troubles

So I thought I'd start by talking about my guy troubles.

I hate it when people say that, I find it really patronizing. But seeing as thats the only way I can explain it, yeah, I have "boy troubles".

You know a couple of blogs ago I metioned a guy I liked? I think it was called "advice" or something. Search for it.

Anyway, I have some results. Although, there not very good. First of all, we did the "test" (read about in "advice" blog.) Yeah, so he asked me about it, and I agreed.

So yeah we did it, and after, he went off to carry on with this test we were doing on the computers at the time. Then, about 5 mins later, he came back over to my computer and said "Haha, I want to do it again now."

I made an idiot of myself by saying "I don't it was boring." I thought he was talking about the test we were doing on the computer. Could I have done anything more stupid? I suddenly realised what he was talking about and explained. He seemed okay about it.

Come on guys I need your help! What do I do?

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