Saturday, 24 November 2007

I don't know anyone anymore.

Warning: This blog may offend you.

What is it with everyone turning emo? I'm sick of it! Can't we find any regular, happy teenagers nowadays!

I'm sick of going on these bebo, myspace and facebook pages with emos on them writing stuff like this:

I'm a emo
and im proud so just dont talk to me about it
i cut my wrists
my life is crap
i have feelings

WTF? Cheer up! Come on emos! You only live once, do you really want to spend them feeling worthless and crap.

I hate emo kids who put pictures on there myspace or whatever of other people with slit wrists ect. Get a life! We don't wanna see that!

Emo music is just as bad. I mean, people like My Chemical Romance are the biggest piece of crap I've heard in my whole life! And whats with the clothes!!??

Black, black, black, black, night, hate, black.

Be bright! Wear nice clothes!

Oh god and ANIME! I'm sorry guys for the language etc but anime is the most:


Come on people, get a life.

Call me a chav, I don't care. I'm proud of who I am. Got a problem with this blog? Click the little x in the right hand corner. I'm not making you stay here.

I hate people like this. I really do. Even if your a happy emo, your a loser. You just do this shit to yourself so you get attention. Wearing black allover? Your a fucking loser. Get a bloody life, or you'll regret it. What the fucks wrong with you people.

Bands & singers like Girls Aloud, Kanye West, Beyonce, anyone who hasn't turned to this emo crap rules. You lot are my role models.

My Chem, Nivana, all you shitty bands suck. Can't you see what your doing to your listeners!

For all the people who have stayed happy, bright and anime free, good for you. You're the only people who are seeing this world for what it really is.

Emos: Think, just think, about what your doing to yourself.

I think I've made my point.


Anonymous said...

\that is the most ridiculous crap have ever heard. Just because you like crap like \kanye \West everone has there own taste just let them get on with it.

My Chem rock


Anonymous said...

What do you have against emos?
Chavs are a hell of a lot worse at least emos dont't go around wearing tacky tracksuits and white trainers. Also emo music is better than chav. So start complaining about someone else for a change.

Anonymous said...

ignore all those haters that r goin agaisnt wat u wrote on that blog i agree wit u at least chavs r happy wit there lives

Anonymous said...

I agree with you totally. Chav's seem a lot happyer than emos, and I do see what you are talking about in this blog. I think the people talking about how rubbish your blog is should go start there own blog and write there own opions there. As "Piano Girl" said, if you haven't got anything nice to say...

To Piano Girl,
I love reading your blogs. Keep voicing your opioins, you seem a nice girl and you deserve the best in life. Don't listen to the haters that come on this blog. I've also taken a look at your website. Your really talented.


Anonymous said...

ur parnts h8 u go die no1 will eva care bout u coz ur a fckin retard