Thursday, 29 November 2007


Alright, I know yesterday I told you I would blog about whats up with me, so here it goes.

For the last couple of weeks, me and this girl have been talking loads. I never really knew her before, but then I found her really funny.

We have one of those friendships where you're both really harsh to each other, but it a joke way. If you know what I mean. Well, thats what I thought.

Then, yesterday, I was talking to my mate. She was asking if I was friends with this girl and how close we are. I said that, yeah, we were close.

My mate then started telling me that when she was getting changed for PE with her, she'd heard her saying stuff to my other friends about me, but not i a joke way. She was saying I was a idiot and I needed to learn how to spell and stuff. (I'm dyslexic, so I find spelling hard. I use a spell check on this blog.)

I was really hurt by this, I honestly thought we were friends. Then I started thinking about maybe she had ment in a joke way, and my mate hadn't caught on. I was so confused about what she ment.

I didn't mention it to her today. I decided it was best if I didn't. I dunno what she ment. So, yeah, I'm over it now.

I'll blog later about my day etc.


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carjug said...

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