Friday, 9 November 2007

Shakespeare essay

I'm shattered.

Its midnight and I'm still working on my god damn Shakespeare essay. I have to write 2000 words by Monday. It was only set today! Plus, I'm out tomorow, babysitting tomorow night and out all day Sunday this is the only chance I have to do it. I might even have to take my laptop babysitting with me so I can carry on with it.

I'll write another 500 words then go to sleep. I can't wait!

I've been out all tonight aswell. I went to my friends house with my family. All us kids sat in the living room watching TV. We didn't leave untill about 10:00pm. I need to get this flaming essay done!

Well, better get back to it. Thats my break over.

I have no life :(


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