Friday, 9 November 2007

Computer power

In my computer class, theres this guy who is this complete computer geneuis and, being the computer boffin he is, he managed to work out how to lock someone elses computer WITHOUT TOUCHING IT.

He tells me this, and I'm thinking "will he use his powers for good or evil?" What was I thinking? Of corse evil! How would he use power over everyone elses computer for good?

What does he do? Tells the guy who sits next to me who lives to annoy me.

Doesn't he know he has unleashed PURE EVIL! Not even regular slightly diluted evil. Nope, 100% pure and simple evil!

So natrally I save all my work and wait for the computer to tell me I've been locked out.

Nothing happens.

Maybe he's forgoten, thinks its too mean, gone crazy, waiting for christmas, I don't know! So I think, aww thankss!! And start working again.

Thats when he turns off the computer.

Hes too clever to do it when I've saved the work. Oh no, he wants me to loose work.

So in my anger, I turn round and scream "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

Then what?

My teacher screams "STOP SHOUTING!"

Any stop hacking into peoples computer causing them to loose work and want to kill themselves? No.

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